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  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Here's a good one...getting ready for the annual quail hunting trip in Southern Indiana (Daviees county).

    Of course I'm going to change the chokes...shoot improved/mod on to change to skeet/improved for quail.

    unscrewing my chokes....noticed that I never did change them from last year's quail trip....been shooting skeet for first shot all season.

    Never did miss a first shot on a bird this year....hmmmmm.

    Skeet for first shot on pheasant? Unheard of. Maybe it was the loads I was I'm wondering if I should just leave the Skeet/Improved in next pheasant season.

    I guess this makes me an expert on chokes for pheasant.
    Shoot the choke you think that's in the barrel...
  2. Hey if it works, stick with it!
    I doubt it would make you feel any better, but the only time I use IC/Mod chokes is for ducks and geese. I use the skeet chokes all the time, but mostly started doing that to make up for being a lousy shot . Also I've been afraid to miss shots and have points taken off my dog for a miss. Might be a confidence thing, but I just go with the skeet chokes most of the time.

  3. I use a Skeet1 choke for Upland and Rabbit all the time.;)