Christmas Eve Limit

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  1. Andy and I pulled a Christmas Eve limit. We've got a pond that is just LOADING up day after day with geese. Could have pulled a limit yesterday with a better wind and better shooting.

    Here is the Christmas Eve limit.

    Me (the one on MY left weighed 13.5#:yikes:)


    Andy (the one on HIS right weighed 12.5# and hit him when it fell IN THE BLIND with him!)


    Pile of birds


    Cupped and locked


    The OOOOHHHHHH S**T! photo (these birds were only 15 feet or so off the ground)


    Hope this works. This is some after our limit footage I shot with my digital camera.

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  2. Nice job, DEC...again!
    Liked the photos.

  3. Nice Birds, the vid and pictures are a good bonus
  4. Good job. Nice pictures and footage.
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  5. Simply awesome DEC. Sounds like a heck of a spot. Maybe next year we could get together sometime for a goose shoot. Maybe make it a Indiana Sportsman shoot? Regardless, congrats on a great hunt and i like that short video alot, it looked like they were right on you. Awesome, thanks for sharing
  6. Nice job, and great video!
  7. Those are some great geese you "put down" there DEC....ooops, I meant those are some great geese you "harvested" there. Why do they look dead?

    I'm jokin' folks!!!! Just jokin'.....:dizzy:

    Way to go DEC!!!! Tiny Tim thought he had the best Christmas Goose...boy was he wrong, huh?
  8. Cool pics and video DEC, Congrats! The video gave me heart palpatations! Me and dleslie217 are going out Thursday morning for our first ever goose hunt. Hopefully with 2 rookies we'll have some beginner's luck. I've gotten a lot of good tips from JL, pigeon, and some others on here. Maybe we'll have some pics and stories to tell tomorrow afternoon. And NO Quail, I won't be taking my cell phone!
  9. Thats cool DEC, nice pics and congrats. Looks like some fun. What # shot do you guys use, I'm not a goose hunter but thinking about it, and what choke tubes are best? If you don't mind me asking.
  10. Nice long necks! What loads are you guys using to put down those bigguns?
  11. Thanks for the complements guys.:coolgleam

    J.L., we've got to hook up this weekend and hunt if that water is still open. Maybe Sunday.

    I don't know what it is about this year, but we have been dropping some PIGS for honkers. The three we dropped yesterday morning were all 12#+ birds too. As for loads, just some 3.5" BB steel shells. Nothing special. Helps to have them in your face. As J.L. will attest, Andy and I like the birds locked and on top of us when we shoot. I'm not kidding when I say the one landed in the blind with him. It's wing actually hit him in the head.

    I've got another couple awesome video clips. I'll try and remember to bring them in to my office and post them up tomorrow.

    All our luck this year is because we happen to have some spots that are the "X". Nothing is better then hunting the "X".:coolgleam
  12. I love to video hunts. Keep up the good work
  13. I'm in! Just let me know! Remember, we have that field of mine to hunt too!