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Chronicles of a rookie

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by oldrookie, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. First night of Urban bow was a good experience. Had 3 or 4 small 6 pointers and a doe come within 25-30 yards of me. The doe was young and small let her pass. The land owner has minimum standards on bucks and they were too small as well.

    I watched the doe meander around and feed within 20 yards for about a half hour before she walked off into heavy brush.

    The bucks were more on a mission.....single filed from point A to point B and didn't stop much.

    All in all a nice evening and first hunt.

    Note to Rookie: put harness on at vehicle; dont wait until you get to ladder!
    Note to Rookie: check broadheads at vehicle
    Note to Rookie: make sure arrows secured in quiver...wont have to make extra trip down ladder.
    Note to Rookie: Make sure your unlocked from tree before attempting to get down. Will avoid neck burn!:bonk:
  2. Those are some good notes there're a quick learner...but a neck burn will do that to a guy! :cwm27:

  3. What you recorded there is exactly what I mean about body language and exactly why I claim that it is more difficult to take a mature doe with a bow than a buck. In my experience you either never see a buck or he is going from point A to point B in a direct fashion. Easier to prepare for the draw and make the shot. A doe however will head bob, meander around and basically cause you to hold your draw for (what seems like) an hour before you get that shot. Assuming you can pull it back with her and the rest of the family group watching you!
  4. man i totally agree with you there scott. a mature doe is very smart.
  5. I'm in agreement with all of you on the does!!! They are one tough critter.
  6. Hang in there rookie!

    Rook, sounds to me like you have a good start. You're in a spot where you're seeing deer, and you know your bow skills are up to the task when it comes.

    Keep the reports flowing in, and don't let anything get you down, we all have made some whoppers out there. Nothing teaches better than a nice strap welt on the neck!

    P.S. Big does are tough!
  7. I wouldn't complain, better than leaving your release in the passenger seat after pulling your bow to the stand:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 Sounds like you had a good hunt though:) :) :)
  8. neck burn

    Ya after coming home with neck burn....wife asked if I had been to strip joint! Can't win for losing.

  9. Rook, years ago I was the captain of a 5 man tournament speedball (paintball) team. One weekend at a tourny in Mass I got shot in the neck, came home w/ a big old welt on my neck, it looked just like a hickey. My girlfriend at the time was convinced I was cheating on her, I explained what happened and everything was ok. The next weekend I went to upstate VT for a big ass tourny and wouldn't you know got shot, in the neck, AGAIN! Well I got home after the tourny and my girlfriend melted down, swore I was cheating, called me every name in the book and left me. Oh well she was nuts anyway!

  10. You took not one but two paintballs to the neck and she's nuts? Hope you wear a cup!
  11. I'm guessing she's never been around you after a night of fishing either???
  12. Hey!!

    This is getting way off track! If you would have gotten hit by one of those muskie lures you would have had a welt too buster!

  13. LOL least one of us would have hooked into somethin'.
  14. Try marinating them Treehogger!!!!!
  15. She has nothin' to worry about UNTIL you also smell like 7 different kinds of cheap hooker perfume......

    BTW Rook, until you actually leave your bow at home and then drive 10 miles to your hunting area, you're doing just fine. Does my heart good to hear about your experiences......status quo my man!!!!:)