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Clear Lake Report 1-29-05

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Lulu Patches, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Tried for perch today in the flats across from Little Round Lake. Fishing was quite slow. Saw many more than would take our bait. With some small ones, only caught 1 nice, fat 10 incher. Caught them in 8' of water. Ice varied from 8" at the 8' depth area down to 5" going further out in the lake. Hit ice dots tipped with waxies&spikes. Took along a first time ice fisher&he about lost it when a 20+" walleye wandered through his hole without as much as a pause. Lot of folks out all over the lake but especially in the northwest bay across from the marina. We didn't stop there but like 25 shanties plus others fishing outside were packed in there. For the perch I think it's just a little early for them to bunch up for spawning. Hope the ice holds for when they are ready!
  2. Great report - I'm going to have try those Clear Lake perch. I caught three today along with my gills and crappies. Had them for supper tonight they sure were good!:fish: