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Clear was "Bass Heaven"

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Lulu Patches, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Sorry so late to report back on weekend. Was recooping. Spent Thurs.-Sun. at Clear. Green slime...wasn't a problem as long as you didn't fish where winds were blowing on shore. The name of the game was bass! Hit a number of smallies NE of the island with leeches, while largemouth were all along the shoreline day or night. Fishing of the dock after dark, my son alone caught over 10 with the largest being 18". He strictly used swamp berry colored Kelly's Pier Boys&Plow Jockeys. Didn't find the panfish except for perch. Had to try the ole ice fishing flats across from Little Round & the perch we got, although few, were all fat 10-12 inchers. Largemouth were on the flats as well, not to mentioned an undersized northern. There was limited traffic on the water so it made for a great time!

  2. glad to hear you had a good time. sorry you didnt get any of those nice gills. that like is full of bass its allways fun catchin the smallies.
  3. Bass fishing has been good on Clear lake this year. I fished it June 4th and did really well. Caught a little bit of everything (largemouth, crappie, smallmouth, rock bass, and walleye). It's great reading about others success on the water. Many more tight lines for you this year.
    Below are a couple photos from my outing on the 4th of June.