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Climbing Treestands

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Scott Werstler, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. A guy here at work is looking at getting a climber stand. What is the best brand a person should buy? Please tell me why or what to look for as I don't own one (yet).
  2. Do you know how much they are willing to spend?

  3. API Outdoors makes a really good bowhunters climber. You can get them at BassPro in Clarksville, IN. Store in Cincy and Chicago as well. They are designed for the bowhunter and not the gun hunter. Good climbers!
  4. You should be able to get one for under $250 that is light (18-22lbs.), quiet, comfortable, and easy to use. I have an Ole' Man Eagle Vision and I love it. A lot of my buddies use API Baby Grand's and seem to really like them. I would say go to a store (Gander MT./Basspro) and check them out. I beleve that Basspro will let you try them out in the store.
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  6. sure and fool around with the stands before you decide. Make sure you are comfortable with the knobs, cables and other features of the stand...remember you'll be doing this in the dark. Also, how much weight are you willing to carry and how are you going to use it. For all day gun hunting comfort, nothing beats a tree lounge...but it is expensive, weighs a ton and takes some setting bro uses it on the all day park hunts. My bro and I have several different types of stands we've collected over the years...most are pretty easy to use...I use an Ole'man and love it. Bro uses a summit most of the time. You should be able to find one that works for a reasonable price.
    I spent years hunting public ground lugging around steps and a hanging stand. Now if I have to hang a stand, I use ladder sections. I use the climber 90% of the time...less work...great investment.
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  7. i own two API climbers and love them I like the construction of them and the feeling of safey I have in one have one lite and one mag. The lite is 22 lbs. and the mag is 28 i think they are not the lightest ones but they are very safe. I like the chain instead of the cable. They are a bite of money but wroth it.
  8. Scott, talk to James. James was telling me he modified an inexpensive Ameristep ( I believe it was) climber....sounds like the ticket to me.
  9. I hear that the Lone Wolfs are the absolute best, but they are expensive. Summit makes a good, light one as well for around $200-250. I got one from Sportsman's Warehouse for around 130 on a special, but I can't think what brand it is right off hand. I like it very much...and it was comparatively cheap for climbers. I don't know much about the other brands mentioned above.
  10. Summitt Viper SS

    is what I have. I absolutely love it! I bought mine off of ebay for $215
  11. API Grand slam, and I love it. Easy to put up quiet and comfortable. i have hunted out of Summit, Ol man, and API, they are all quality stands.
  12. Lone Wolf is the best for a serious hunter that is not worried about comfort. Light, silent, and quick to set up and easy to conceal. You will pay for the patented solid cast aluminum. Alpha hand climber is what I hunt from 90% of the time.
  13. Lone Wolf Sit and Climb

    is what I use.
  14. Yeah, I got an Ameristep Grizzly last year at Wally for $35. I put a footrest on it and a bow holder. I have really liked it until Sunday, when three of the tack welds holding the grate to the tubular bars let loose. Not a safety concern, but if those welds are popping, who knows where the next one will pop? I would spend a little cash and get a more reliable climber.
  15. BassPro in Clarksville does not have any place for you to "try one out". There are no poles or trees to climb but any of the high end brand name manufacturers are all good. I used to work at the BassPro in Clarksville and I would not place my safety in a climber that I could buy for less than $100 like the Ameristep Grizzly. Ladderstands are are connected to the ground. If welds bread loose on a climber all you have is your safety harness.....and that is if you wear one.Most bow hunters I know love the API's. But can't go wrong with the Summitt's either.