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Coho Salmon Fishing

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by Wapiti, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Just curious if anyone on here gets out and trys to catch salmon of the coho variety. Myself I haven't yet (just took my first chinook salmon fishing trip several months ago) but i know chinook got me hooked. :D
  2. Only Every Spring out of Michigan City, They are a Blast!:coolgleam

    We start in Michigan City, and work our way around the to St Joe Michigan and switch to Steelhead, then around Labor Day we head up North for Kings/Coho around Manistee.

    My First one caught me 25 years ago off the pier at Michigan City, IN....
    It's a good adiction to have!

    Good Luck!


  3. Yep I do. Michigan city is where i fish as well. Last spring was my first year trying it from shore, unfortunately i was skunked. I live almost 2 hours away so i really have to get lucky and hit it on a day when they are on. I did manage to catch a nice female King off the pier though back in late september. Cohos are very good eating, but i love the fight from a king myself.
  4. Do the Cohos put up a little different of a fight than the king salmon? i know it got me practically hyperventilating when i got my first king lol. shoot i think i had enough strength to swim up river after that :p
  5. My son hooked aq 15lb Coho hen, and it took him nearly 20 minutes to land it!

    He was tired and pumped at the same time. Kings rule no doubt, but Coho's are in the same league!

    Good Luck
  6. IMO, you arent going to find a fish in that Lake that will fight you like a King will. Cohos will put up a battle, but you would have to hook into a bigger sized coho during the summer to get a good fight, in the early season most of the cohos you will catch are around 1-2 pounds or so. I went on a Charter last spring for coho, i think it was in march, and we had 20 fish in 3 hours. It's non stop action but the fish arent very big. Spawning King Salmon around the end of AUG and into Sept are the meanest fighting fish you can find and they run anywhere from 10-20 pounds, some bigger then that. You can catch big kings all summer long but when they get ready to spawn it is really fun.