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Cold Weather this week!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Mrballenger, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Does anybody think this cold weather will have a big effect on the fishing this weekend?
  2. I wouldn't reach for the topwaters too quick...

  3. just gonna push them a little deeper fish the north end and work down the breaklines until you find what depth they are using then just keep hitting that depth and slow down some more good luck all!!!!
  4. We've got the camper ready for a few days of camping later this week. It's gonna be cold but we're going for it anyway. Will be fishing too. We asked our girls what they wanted to do on spring break and they both said camping and fishing!!! I'm so blessed!!!
  5. The Perch are getting ready to hit the beds, this may push the females deeper for another week of so. But the male perch, Gills, Redear, crappie and walleye don't care with the ice gone they have plenty of oxygen and they'll be ready to eat.