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College Basketball

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Tine Lock, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Now that football seasons pretty much rapped up, I'de like to know what everyones thinking about on basketball. Just bought some tickets to the PU vs. IU game in Feb. BOILERS WILL ALWAYS BE ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah the boilers will always be on top of the invite list to the NIT...

  3. Oh, I see how it is. The "one with no vowels that talketh the smack". Mr. Landry, Teague, and Crump have something for the Big 10. NIT is going to be a foreign word for a few years. Back to the good old days!!:) BOILER UP!!!!!!!
  4. Hoosiers go to the BIG DANCE again!!! The General becomes the all time winningest coach surpassing Dean Smith...bye bye Dean!
  5. doesn't look as though indiana has a good team unless you like high school ball
    ohio state took all the good players it looks bad for iu in the big ten they would be better if the GENERAL was still there and i would be a fan still
  6. Ah yes, it is that time of year again... freezer full of venison, Knight with yet another player abuse scandal going on, and the Colts getting ready to blow it in the play offs again. Go Boilers, and by the way.....Guy with no vowels in your name don't you have something else to fill a deer tag? Maybe Bobby Knight can help you if he is still able to buy a hunting license. Between baiting geese and shooting a friend with a shotgun it might be hard for the general these days to make it out in the field.
  7. oh now we gotta resort to how many deer tags we have filled over basketball teams...that one hurt just a little... but not as bad as purdue will when they dont make the tournament.
  8. Poor Bobbby...he ruffs up a couple of players, accidentally shoots a buddy, and gets accused of baiting...come on give the guy a break he is The General after all...we all know some people are above the law. That's the way this country operates. I mean after all, look at the Michigan basketball program...
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  9. yeah those that think they are above the law attend OSU and play football there... ooops wrong thread maybe i should go shoot a deer or something.
  10. Tell you what tree, I'll give Bobby a break when he switches pay checks with me for a year. I think he is getting compensated for being an easy target.
  11. HA! Where's your proof? I can't wait untill Purdue struts their stuff the the unexpecting big 10 teams. IU's lookin better than last year but so is Purdue. It'll be an interesting battle between the rivals. HAIL HAIL PURDUE!
  12. Purdue will be lucky to get past ISU !!!
  13. So how does your Irish basketball team look? What tournament have they played in as of late?

  14. I think you have the 2006-2007 Boilers confused with the 2005-2006 Hosers there dleslie......
  15. Yeah, and Dean (what a cool first name) acquired so many victories without so much as raising his voice....or his fist. Dean Smith was a winner with a ton of class. Bobby...well, Bobby has won a lot of what if he threw a few chairs and sucker punches along the way,huh? Hell, Hitler was nice to some people.:evilsmile