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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by buckhead, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. DA BEARS!!!

    So what if it was like, Coach Ditka vs the New York Football Giants, and Coach Ditka is only 6 inches tall?

    Hmm, Are they Giants little too or are they normal size?

    Normal size.

    Coach Ditka 42, Giants 6, he got tired at the end...

  2. Im a die hard Colts fan. Even though I like the Bears. I wont give up on the Colts...
  3. Colts will never win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning at QB or with a defense as bad as the one they have now.
  4. Have to partially disagree with ya on this one Tree, I think Manning, with the recievers he has, is more than capable of winning the big one. But, he can't do anything if he's not on the field. Until the Colts get a defense that can stop the run they will never win the Super Bowl. I've never seen Weimer play, don't even know if he did play, but I suspect he could even rack up some big yardage with the holes opened up in the Colts defensive line. :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  5. Colts in the Superbowl...........

    And there really is a Santa Claus! :help: we need a defense Santa, maybe one before Manning retires.........
  6. I'm also a diehard Colts fan. I'm wishing for a defense this Christmas before me and Peyton get too old.

  7. ???????????? I was unaware that Peyton was a bad QB. When did this happen?
  8. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I feel its time for some accountability in the coachs ranks, If not were going to end up just like Tampa bay did!
  9. I also disagree with you too Randy about Peyton. He's plenty capable of winning the big one, but you gotta have a defense. The old saying is that "Defense wins you championships".

    I'm a lifelong Bears fan and would take Peyton Manning in a heartbeat right now. I'd be willing to trade Grossman AND Griese for Peyton. We'll find out if defense wins you championships this year I guess.
  10. Agreed, Peyton is one of the best QB's to ever play the game. His stat line proves it. To suggest that having Peyton as a Colt has kept us out of the big one is silly.

    I will go one further. The Colts would beat the Bears if they played today. The Bears are far from a complete package.

    If you want to bash anyone, look toward the embarrassment called The Indianapolis Pacers (or the NBA as a whole).

    Go Colts!


  11. I think you have had too much Egg Nogg Riff Raff!!!!!

  12. Stats mean nothing, its about the hardware.

    Peyton has any level...he can't take the pressure

    is he great at throwing a ball yes, but he CANNOT carry a team...
  13. Orton learned from the best!

  14. I think I'd trade all three of them... (Orton, Grossman and Griese) But I shouldn't say much being a life-long Packers fan:mad: . Not much to talk about there. Gotta root for Santa bringing some D to Indy. Manning can win the big one as long as the Colts score 50+ a game!