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comb tooth (teeth)

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Did you just find those?

    Ohhh can you ever eat those! :woohoo1:

    They are a very excellent edible. Right Morchella Fella? ;)
  2. yeah .... cut em yesterday .... rainin right now .... will prolly hit a woods tomorrow ... picked a couple lobsters the other day too .... been findin chicks, stainers, etc .... just no hens yet :( ..... ill pull up a pic and post it for ya stumpy .... check out the stainers .... lol ... didnt have my still cam with me at the time but videod a huge one (can see 2 in the background also) then took a pic off of the television screne for a friend ... here it is ....
  3. They're up here man. Alot of them! You should post them pics over at the site, them guys would like to see your gallery! I think Woofer is the only one I've seen other than you with so many good mushroom pictures.

    I'd trade my hens for the hereciums though :) I don'tfind many around here, just once every couple years if I'm lucky.
  4. Can I bum a smoke??? You are the shroom man Morchella. :bowdown:... Thanks for posting the pics,, way cool
  5. smokin is bad for ya !!! ;) .... lol .... stumpy that site is just way slow for me ... im on dial up ... lol .... i found all those hercs on one tree dude !!! .... had just picked sum boletes and glanced up .... bout soiled my pants ... lol .... as far as hens .... have heard alot of reports from up north ... banner year for hens i hear .... i have checked numerous trees for em and have yet to spot one ... im thinkin next weekend .... the temps here have been fallin ... ill let ya know when i start findin em
  6. Rowdy


    Just like the Crocidile are gonna go a bit too far someday and eat one of those things and it'll kill ya.

    Im sticking to regular ole mushrooms. I usually find a few quarts of them a year.

  7. You only eat the ones that you know what you are eating.
  8. stumpy .... let him go .... the shrooms are bad for ya !!! dont pick em ..... leaves more for us ;) lol ....shrooms are bad .... mmmmmmkay
  9. lol leave emmm fer me:bowdown:
  10. Those who think they are going to kill you, can go to the store and buy things that are killing people.