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coming home

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by blackbass, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Well tomorrow i will be heading down to LaGrange county for three
    days of hunting on my home turf. this year in mid michigan has
    been a little slower than normal, and i have yet to harvest a
    deer. dad's reports are promissing, and we will be hitting it hard the
    next 4 days good luck to all and shoot straight.
    i'll post pics next week!
  2. Me too!! I'm going to law school up in Mighigan right now and am heading down to Dearborn/Switzerland County where I'm from for the weekend opener tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait!!!!
    Hoping for good weather, and BIG bucks!!!

    Good luck to everyone and be safe....

  3. good luck guys.

    Black bass what part of lagrange county. I live in Orland just inside of steuben county. i have some friends around stroh and south milford.
  4. The weather looks a little warm and quite a bit of wind. At this point the deer are probably so used to 20mph winds that it will not affect movement. i mean afterall we havent had a calm day for the last 2 weeks. Perfect timing for the bad weather, right as the rut was taking off:banghead3

    Oh well, at least we have thousands of other hunters out there who will get those deer moving.
  5. ice dude

    my dad lives on the east end of adams lake. we hunt several places within a few miles of there. didn't fair to well, saw several deer, nothing like normal.
    too much standing corn and crappy weather. I'll be back down there
    over thanksgiving.
    i got a decent buck in mt. pleasant wednesday, then shot the doe
    he was with too.
    they are happily residing in my freezer.