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OK, all you current/former concert goers, hunting and fishing obsessed outdoor folk I see many references to your music of choice on here and what you listen to on the radio. It's time to list all the bands you've seen in concert (if you can remember them through all the purple haze...aka hippie lettuce afterburn, beer, and jack daniels) in your lifetime. The lists should be interesting. Here is my list, some bands I've seen more than once.

Mahogany Rush
Ozzy Osbourne
Ted Nugent
REO Speedwagon
Tom Petty
The Romantics (please forgive me)
.38 Special
Charlie Daniels
Pat Travers
Marshall Tucker Band
Willie Nelson
Chris Ledoux
Travis Tritt
Sawyer Brown
Trish Yearwood
Tracy Lawrence
Loverboy (please forgive me)
Van Halen
Hall & Oates
Cheap Trick
The Cars
Bad Company
John Mellencamp - kickoff of Scarecrow tour

Wish I'd seen KISS, Aerosmith, Eagles.

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Rolling Stones in Fort Wayne...yes in Ft. Wayne...their first U.S. tour...I believe I just trumped everyone.

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Have seen a lot myself, some only once, others every chance I get
Jeff Beck, 5-6 times at least
Jimmy Page about the same
Robert Plant 3-4 I think
JohnPaul Jones 4-5 I think
Black Crowes twice, once as opener for Plant, Once as backup band for Page
the Who(1982)
the Firm(with Page)
Deep Purple, '87 all original members..Gillin, Blackmore, Lord, Glover, Paice
Black Sabbath 3 times, once with Dio on vocals, twice with Ozzy, once with all original members including Bill Ward
Janes Addiction(reunion tour with Flea on Bass)
Diamanda Galas(with Jones)
Rolling Stones at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom(look it up, very small venue, Bono came out for encores to sing with ****)
Smashing Pumpkins as opener for Janes addiction
Stevie Ray Vaughan twice for sure
Lynyrd Skynyrd, 4-5 times since '87 I think
Marshall Tucker at Brookfield fest in Brookfield IL
Sinatra at Chicago Fest
BB King(Jeff Beck was opener)
Byther Smith 3-4 times
Red HOt Chili Peppers with Dave Navarro on guitar
George Thorogood at least twice
Stanley Jordan
Had 17th row tickets for Led Zeppelin in 1980 and was only was going with my sister if Bonham had not not died
Pink Floyd Milwaukee county stadium watched the pig break loose and go floating across wisconsin
Pantera as part of Oz fest, a buddy has a drum skin that was autographed and thrown to the crowd by the drummer
marilyn manson as part of oz fest
possibly saw pantera twice as opener for black sabbath.....once with oz fest once with them just regular tour
lots of opening bands that may have become famous, but not when I saw am sure there are more, but would need to look at old ticket

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My list is short:

Rolling Stones
George Thorogood (3 times, the best showman around)
Marshall Tucker

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Not as extensive as most but here's a couple not listed above;
Alice Cooper,
Ted Nuggent
The Original R.E.O. speedwagon

There were a couple of others, but I really don't remember:coolgleam

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I have seen a few, alot of these memories are blurred:

Hank Williams Jr. 10-12 times
Charlie Daniels
Travis Tritt
Montgomery Gentry
Confederate Railroad
Kentucky Headhunters
Garth Brooks
Chris Ledoux
Waylon Jennings
George Jones.......(I got into an argument with Nancy Jones, George's wife, long story)
David Allan Coe
John Michael Montgomery
Tracy Byrd
Don Williams
Little Texas
Lynard Skynard
Dallar Moore and the Snatch Wranglers (wild bunch)
John Anderson (living legend)
Loretta Lynn
Aerosmith and the "Nuge" Ted Nuggent
Alan Jackson
Jodee Masina
Steve Wariner
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (put on a good show)
Aaron Tippin
Rodney Carrington (comedian, funny as hell)

Im sure there are more but I always go to concert with my pal Jack, Jack Daniels

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.....add Diamond Rio to my list. I keep having flashbacks and remembering concerts I've been to. Others I can't remember if I was actually at the concert or just thought I was...getting old hurts :coco:
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