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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BUDFIELDS, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Sorry that I broke my promise about NOT posting here again BUT... I just wanted to stop by long enough to CONGRATULATE the WINNING TEAM and say .."WELL DONE.."

    I also wanted to tell my team mates that I was indeed honored to have been a member of the team and it was certainly FUN.. Sorry we did not do better but winning is NOT everything and hopefully EVERY ONE that competed enjoyed the time they spent in the stand creating memories and learning more about deer hunting.

    Now... I will honor my promise and leave the site and forum,

    Bud Fields
  2. Bud, great to see you post again...wish you would reconsider...

  3. Same here Bud.
  4. Aw, come on Bud, your input is good to have!
  5. Thanks, Bud. Stick around...
  6. Thanxs Bud for carrying my weight on the team! Couldn't help out much,but great hearing your stories about your hunts!
  7. It sure would be nice if you'd come on back. I think Joe was sincere in his apology. It's O.K to disagree Bud. We're stubborn too....