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Cork-Handled Rods

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by JL, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Just got done cleaning up my rods for next week's trip. A few of my friends have cork-handled G-Loomises, and it's amazing how little care they take to maintain the integrity/appearance of the cork on the rod. Twice a year, I scrub my cork with shampoo to keep the cork clean and joke, try it. It's amazing how good they'll look after you do.
  2. Rowdy


    See how bored you get when you dont have to work in the summer.

  3. I used to leave the plastic sleeve on mine as long as it would last. It really kept them looking like new for a long time. Don't leave them in the garage where mice may attack, they will eat the darned things!
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  4. Jesus, man...that's taking it overboard. Do you have plastic on your furniture too? :lol: Just kiddin', tree.
  5. uuuhhh yes, don't you? ;) actually another good reason to leave the plastic on them or to keep them looking new is so when you get tired of using them you can take them back to Wally and get something new...Wally will take back anything...even stuff they don't sell...not that I've done that or anything :coolgleam
  6. My grandpa was a pro at taking things back to Wal-Mart that they've never sold. It's an art, really.
  7. James, this may save you a little time. When you next get the urge to shampoo your corks, just tie your rods to the luggage rack on top of your truck, take a quick spin through the car wash, the hot wax will keep them pristine for weeks to come. The wax also seals out the odors the cork picks up from using chicken livers for bait.
  8. I always suspected that you were a klepto Randy....and James too???? I'm hurting now.......You guys are, um, were, My heroes!!!!

    Oh well, here's how I save a buck or two at McDonald's. Order a water and then, after drinking a water, go over and fill 'er up with your favorite beverage. They owe me a pop you know.........
  9. Hey James I do the sampoo treatment on my cork handles and it does keep them in good shape and makes the cork last longer. GOOD INFROM jl
  10. Rowdy


    Will the shampoo and conditioner in one work better than just plain old shampoo?

  11. Thanks Dean...great idea...more money in my family budget now thanks to the old water da' man!!!
  12. James, I tried your method for shampooing my corks...didn't seem to make a difference. After all that work, I read the directions on the bottle, it said to rince, lather and repeat...I didn't do the repeat part, will it make that much difference? I thought I should pose the question to you rather than Dean or Randy...figured you actually used shampoo on a regular basis.
  13. :lol: You gotta scrub 'em hard, Quail.
  14. Whole your cork handle in your hand before you sampoo it and then sampoo it and there is a lot of different. I use a small brush