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Cornfield Bucks

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by FINS&GRINS, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. I Have Tryed This Several Time On Really Windy Days Stalking Thru The Rows Into The Wind I Have Been Close To Does Doing This But Never A Buck , Anybody Had Any Luck Getting A Buck Like This If So Tell Us Your Story This Is A Very Intense Way Of Hunting Deer On Those To Windy To Sit In A Stand Days!!!!!!!!!
  2. have you ever shot one doing this?? I think that it could be an extremely effective method and I have actually watched a video on how to do this effectively, try the video Bowhunting October Whitetails 1 and 2... its an old video but they give a rundown on how to achieve decent results doing this.

  3. Dan Fitzgerald has a good video on corn bucks.... I think it was a big 6????
  4. havent shot any but could have shot some bedded small does one time ,got within 10 yds. of them 3to4 rows over it was exciting as hell ,i know it will work just have never seen a buck while doing it,seems like your making a lot of noise but when the wind is blowing hard i dont think they can hear a thing!!!!
  5. I've heard of this and thought about trying it too but never have...yet. We haven't had corn on the place for the past 3 years but do this season, so let the wind rip!!!
  6. A friend of mine got one this way a few years ago. I had shot this buck the year before in the shoulder. He fell and was on the ground not moving for a few minutes. I thought I had made a great shot when all of a sudden he started thrashing around and then got up and ran away. I looked for 2 days and never found him. The next year my buddy stalked him in a cornfield not far from there and got him. His leg was all messed up but healed and his rack was really funky on one side. We call him Jerry's deer.