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Cougar at Large??

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by BowHunter007, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Is this cougar from clay county that escaped from the big cat rehab place been trapped yet? I have not heard much about it.
  2. Last I knew it was still out and about...some professional in the hounds and trank the thing. Originally that cat was supposed to be re-released by the state of MT, she just might stay out there at this rate haha

  3. I happened to be down at DNR Headquarters and jokingly asked about the big cat. Seems so many keep trying to help that they have the girl panicked and she just keeps going further out. If everyone will leave her alone she most likely will find her way home. The way they talked this cat is no candidate for a rerelease. She's too used to being around people.


    P.S. Someone else in Indianapolis has applied for permit to keep a viper in a residential residence. How stupid.
  4. Good article, Doug. Personally, I'm suprised it took this long for the dog option to be used. I understand what the CO is saying about it, but personally, it seems the quickest and safest way to end this. Hunt a cougar like a cougar, not like a muskrat.
  5. On one of the local newscast this morning they said trapping efforts were being hampered because of the freezing weather...... Said the traps were freezing up. I don't know much about trapping but, I do know a lot of trapping for other game takes place in freezing weather. My son-in-law uses peat moss and wax paper to keep his from freezing up. Any reason why this would not work for a cougar? Can any of you trappers provide some input on this?
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    I don't see a problem with using dogs to find this cougar, that I think would be the most effective way to do it.
  7. They piddled around trying to snare her instead of putting the hounds to her like they should have. Brilliance....
  8. I spoke with Linnea Petercheff again today. They still haven't caught up with this cougar. We talked about the pending "exotics" legislation and I found out that the House bill was heard yesterday in committee and the room was packed. The bill was defeated. The problem is we have all these people in Indiana with cougars, Tigers, bears, vipers, and constrictor snakes living amongst us. Usually we don't find out what's going on until an animal escapes (this cougar) or somebody gets bit (green mamba in Indy) or somebody dies (boa constrictor down south). What's up with this idiotic practice of raising, breeding and selling these exotic/dangerous animals? Many are living in deplorable conditions and deserve better. Hopefully next time around we can get a bill passed that applies some logic to this situation.


    P.S. The guy who now has the "killer" boa constrictor was actually boasting that he now owned the animal and was keeping it. Idiots!
  9. As far as I'm concerned Pit Bulls should be added to Jack's list also. :coco:
  10. ain't it the truth !! as far as exotic animals are concerned you would think that the state would or could at the very least learn from what's happened in florida. they now have breeding populations of monitor lizards and boa constrictors loose and getting fat on pets. hundreds of them. as if alligators weren't enough. miami is the only city in the united states that has a emergency response team specifically for snake bites. all because of the illegal pet trade.
  11. The reptile people were the ones there in force tohelp defeat the bill. They are eveywhere and don't have big noticable operations like the exotic people do. But mainly the Legislators didn't want to vote for it since the HSUS was behind it.
  12. I agree with tmarsh... They needed to bring in dogs trained for cougars from the get go and tranq her... I don't think coon hounds are going to get the job done, as they're not going to recognize her scent as something to track, or know how to run her if they do... would be one surprised bluetick to come on her thinking he was running a strange smelling coon...

    To me, the bigger issue is how Indiana and most states have lost control over the import of exotics of all types... as time passes, we will have all kinds of non-native critters running around from similar escapes... red deer/stags, african sheep, big cats, wild hogs... these outfits need to be closed down, IMO...