Coyote Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Mark G, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Thinking about going out tonight to bust some coyotes right on the tipton hamilton co. line. Anyone close want in? (will be hunting around Adlanta)

  2. Ya going in this snow? I live in kokomo would love to go but I'll be busy. my loss
  3. Mark - probably can't make it tonight, but would like to get together some time in the future... I live NE of Arcadia and Atlanta is about 5 minutes from home...

    I plan on hitting them this weekend for sure...

    Will PM you contact info...
  4. trdtnlbwhhtr its bout 25 min north of indy mostly farm ground yotes are getting thick though
  5. indideerhuntr,I like hunting fresh snow, its stopped snowing here in nobletuky sometimes the yotes seem to pack up better in this fresh fluf
  6. jdk, heading out now, will see about gettin with you sat or sun nite to call some in. will report back later on tonight!!!
  7. Hey mark how did you do lastnight? let us all know if ya had any luck...also I live in haward county and would enjoy going with ya sometime...thanks
  8. no luck

    froze my a-- off for 3 hours last night! had great light with the fresh snow and low wind but i just couldnt get them to come in. Hope to try again this weekend!!