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Coyote Numbers

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by thirteenptbuck, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, I currently live in Michigan and may be moving to Howard County Indiana. I am interested to know what kind of coyote numbers are in and around Howard county. Also, is it legal to hunt them duiring the day with a centerfire and restricted to a rimfire at night like here in Michigan. Thank you, Paul
  2. no restrictions for weapons,, if your on private land with landowners permision there is no restrictions on when (all year long)

  3. you can hunt them all year long but can not pocess them outside of fur holding dates.

    numbers will be good in Howard county, thats just a few counties north of me

    Where you moving to? Kokomo?
  4. Coyotes

    Yes sir, Kokomo would be it. My gal is moving for a new job. I am considering it if there are a good number of yotes and trophy bucks to hunt. The hard part is, is that i dont know anything about the area and where is hot or not. I figured this was a god place to start. Thanks, Paul
  5. I don't know much about deer hunting up that way, I have a friend who lives just North of Kokomo and he has taken 2 nice buck up there but not world class by any means

    Coyote numbers are fairly good around the entire state of Indiana

    there is a public hunting area near there as well
    Missasinawa F&W area
  6. I work in Kokomo live in Cass County just north of Kokomo. Yotes lots and lots of them around. World class deer is a tall order in any State. The counties north of Howard will be better bets for Monster Bucks, Although Howard puts out a few big ones a year. Howard has some flat farm land but not much larger sections of woods and alot of residential spraw. The counties north have less Industrial, residential pressures. They also have much better Habitat for deer.
  7. Thanks for the info fellas. I'll post anymore questions i may have. Thanks again, Paul
  8. I live in kokomo. like rain said theres not many large sections of wooded land in howard co. I have seen a few nice bucks taken from the western part of the county. Thats if you can get permission to hunt on some land. I do most all of my hunting at mississinewa F & W area witch is in miami co just one county north of howard. another option would be salamonie lake in wabash county. Hope this helps ya. If you have anymore questions Ill try to help ya if I can.

    Where ya at in Mich. ? I fish in berrin springs about 5 or 6 time a year. Actually every chance I get that is.