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Coyotes vs. Moose

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Tine Lock, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I just recieved these pictures in an email. They were obviously taken from a treestand. That's all the information I have though.
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  2. Tell me if they aren't showing up guys.

  3. Nope just little boxs. I heard something about this though..
  4. allright give me a minute and ill post them
  5. today tine!!! haha just kidding
  6. I know what pictures you are talking about and the pics were taken from a helicopter. Ive read it from another website.. same scenario came in email and mentioned in a treestand but the truth has been discovered they were taken from a helicopter.. None the less it is an awe inspiring view of mother natures pecking order
  7. you know, tine, if you could shave, you could post these pics...:evil:
  8. trent leave the guy alone. I'm sure he can shave just fine...

    he just doesnt have to yet :evilsmile

    just kidding, cant we all get along :grouphug:

  9. Why should this thread be any different than the others? :bash:

    I kid....patiently awaiting the pics.;)
  10. Now that I have been massacred on my own thread, I will leave you guys alone. Actually going to catch the end of wisconsin vs. michigan st. 3:00 left and its a close game.
  11. Dont mean to burst your bubble, but those are wolves...

    Same pics were on Hanback's blog last week...

    those pups are WAY to big to yotes...unless its near a nuclear power plant...then they might be loose poodles...
  12. Now that you mention it....I think you're right Marsh. Anyone have a guess where these might have been taken? My vote is for Isle Royal.
  13. Well done sir...

    link didnt work, just go to and go to the killer wolves blog...same pics...

    check it out...