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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckhead, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. got a call last night pack of coyotes took down a nice ten pointer behind a house in southern indiana
    killem boys killem all... dang dogs
    the guy called dnr so he could have the rack to hang in his huntin cabin
    he said it looked healthy no wounds
  2. what part of southern indiana?

  3. I was squirrel hunting one August day and heard a commotion of to my left,here came a button buck with his tongue hanging out and a big male coyote hot on his tail.The button buck crashed into a high fence.Realizing his plight,the .22 went into action.At 12 yards the coyote got a brainer.Upon capping him I see another scooting off through the timber. The sad thing is, is that the scientists say that the more you shoot them,the more they will produce!That sucks! I will give them hell any way!
  4. Funny story...try to keep short. I was setting up a buck and doe carry-light decoy the last weekend of bow season. The buck was already up and I was putting the doe together, the scents were already out. I heard something, sounded like a horse. I looked up and a big 8 point buck was running straight at me.:yikes: I thought he was coming to the buck and was going to attack. When he got about 15 yards away he turned and jumped a fence, still running as fast as he could. About 20 yards behind him was a coyote. It did not see me at first, when the buck jumped the fence the coyote stopped chasing it. I was still freaked about what happen so I made some noise and the coyote saw me and ran. Later that week I was bow hunting and the/or a coyote came into my area. It gave me a shot about thirty-five yards away and I drilled it. It went about 10 yards, went head over heals and died. :evil: Just doing my part to conserve the deer and turkey population. Really, it scared the crap out of me!!!:yikes:
  5. corydon area crawford county
  6. Hmmmm... I almost never get to see a coyote while deer hunting. I'd kill em if I saw em though. I just need to get out there and practice to get good w/ my calls and caller maybe i'll be able to see more of em too.

    Maybe if I didn't look for them so hard I would see more of them.... :cwm27: