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Crane Indiana

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Thunderflight, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Anyone live around this area?

    If so what is the deer and turkey hunting like?
  2. hi thunder flite!! i don't live in crane but i work on the navy base there. the deer hunting and turkey hunting around there is outstanding. i live about 12 miles from the base towards loogootee. a lot of p&y class deer around there and a few giants. a lot of turkeys in the area in 2 to 3 yr. old class.

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Not to hijack the thread...but I hunt down around Montgomery for quail. Is there any quail population at Crane?
  4. Crane...

    Crane was shut down for a few years (I think) due to 9/11. With that said I would bet that there are plenty of mature bucks running around. Less pressure equals bigger bucks and more of them (more than normal). I know a lot of people who love to hunt there...because it has a reputation for producing giants.
  5. i have only jumped a couple of wild coveys here since i've been hunting here but that's not to say there's not more. not alot of what i call quail habitat here but the covey's i saw were large. mostly mountinous. but what they do have and i've seen alot of them is grouse and woodcock. if you get out in the mountionous regions in the spring you can hear them drumming everywhere. i saw a woodcock the other day doing his struting dance it's the funniest thing i've ever saw in the wild.
  6. yes dean they shut the hunting down for 2 yrs here because of that. but when they did open it up that next yr. they let you take 3 bucks. very few were able to take that many but i think the down time forced them to open it up because the deer were getting out of control. ii feel very fortunate to have this place to hunt because the chance to take a booner is very real. it's close and the bowhunting is fabulous. you never have to worry about another hunter and the age classes are well balanced. i haven't connected with a p&Y YET BUT I'VE PASSED ALOT OF nice young bucks that definetly be p&y this yr. or the next. please don't quote me on this but the gun hunt on the other hand is a lot of trouble. you have to be here around 2 or 3 in the morning sign in and wait to be released around 6:30 to go to your area. this past season i saw alot of what i call road hunters. they drive around in their cars till they see a deer and they'll just shoot out of their window. after the 1st weekend i really don't care for the gun hunt. but all that being said there are some true giants here. i've saw 3 here not hunting that i know would be a booner. i can bowhunt here right up till the last day before gun season so i try to have at least 2 weeks vacation for the pre rut and if it's timed right the beginning of the rut. i have a flexible time to punch in so i usually hunt for 3 to 4 hrs. in the mornings then come on to work. it's great for me on one hand but i've really not persued any private ground to hunt because everything i need is right here and it's close and with gas prices the way they are it makes it nice. but on the other hand if they shut hunting down i'm screwed.