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Crappie in ponds

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Scott Werstler, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. What has been some of you guys's experience in stocking crappies in farm ponds?

    I have read DNR publications and they say do not do it.

    I have researched fish suppliers and it seems a 50/50 split, with the size of the pond being a factor.

    All parties say that if I do it, to use black crappie and not the white crappie.

    One person told me they are coming out with a hybrid crappie. Anyone heard of that?

    What have been your successes and failures with this fish?
  2. I've done quite a bit of research on pond stocking (helped a buddy stock his pond), and everything that I've read suggest NOT stocking them. They can be very prolific breeders, and as a result, the little ones take over the pond. Just what I've read, no experience in actually doing it.

  3. My Dads Pond Is 3 Acres We Stocked Black Crappie 9 Years Ago With The Hybrid Gills, Bass, Smallmouth& Perch , The First Few Years We Caught All Species But Abuot The 4th Year The Only Thing We Caught Then Till Now Are Largemouths,bluegill & Crappie ,i Dont Think The Crappie Have Any Bad Effects But You Must Harvest Them Each Year We Keep All Of Them We Catch To Eat We Have Caught Them Up To 19" Dont Seem To Have An Over Abundance Of Small Ones , We Put In Grass Carp To Control The Weeds Which They Do A Very Good Job With Not Many Weeds I Think The Bass Control The Crappie And The Small Gills All Our Gills Seem To Run Pretty Big Also ,if Your Pond Is Weedy I Think To Many Little Fish Survive Then You Can Run Into Problems, I Hope This Helps You Any More Questions E-mail Me Good Luck! I Know Most People Will Tell You Not To Stock Them But Catching Lots Of 14" To 19" Crappies Is Lots Of Fun Especially For The Kids
  4. How many grass carp did you put in that 3 acre pond and did you do it all at once or a few each year?
  5. I have often heard that the grass carp will raid the fish beds and eat the eggs. Can anyone verify this?
  6. We Put In 8 Grass Carp All At The Same Time ,that Was 3 Or 4 Yaers Ago They Are Now Around 12# This Year The Weeds Are Worse Talked To The Fish Guy About It He Said Once They Get That Big They Dont Eat As Much He Reccommended Shooting Them And Restocking This Fall With More Small Ones ,so Of Course Me& My Son Are Shooting Them With Our Bows Great Fun Letting The Weeds Go This Summer To Restock On Smaller Baitfish ,have Been Seeing Lots Of Them This Summer,we Tryed The Copper Sulfait And Did Not Like The Results The Grass Carp Work Much Better, Havent Seen Any Bother Any Beds Not Sure If Thats True Or Not !!!
  7. Scott all I can say is your stock them and YOUR DAD(JIM) AND I WILL COME, and catch them. HA!
  8. If you need black crappie I know where you can get 'em!
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