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Cree Lake - Wed evening

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Ice fishing report - Fished for about an hour and a half this evening on a channel on Cree Lake, North of Kendallville. Not the greatest fishing but I did catch more than enough for a fish dinner. A couple of nice 10 1/2 inch crappies. Caught them all on a new fly I just started tying. It has a gold tungsten head on it with beads. Then a hackle wrapped around it in between the beads and some kind of tail. I was using one tonight with yellow green beads and a greenish colored hackle. In the picture you can see a couple of others. I didn't go out to the car and get the one I was using. I need to continue testing it and am anxious to try out some other colors. Out of 4 or 5 guys fishing, I was the only one who caught anything, so maybe it was the fly. I was using a light ice fishing pole with 2 lb bright yellow stren and about 2 feet of 2 lb fluorocarbon leader. The fly was light enough the line wasn't taut, but relaxed. The fish were down in the weeds and I would slowly work the fly up and down into the weeds and tease them up above to get them to bite. You can really see the very light bites by watching the line tighten up as you jig up or get more slack as you jig down. No float or spring bobber. I think a lot of guys get bites and never see them. Local expert Larry Edwards popularized the method - he called it brightlining.
  2. Flies

    Ok you got me interested how much for you to fix me up with some of those flies? send me a personal message. triton181998

  3. I really wasn't trying to sell any flies- I thought you guys might be interested in a pattern. The tungsten beads cost me $5.25 for 20. I'd have to try and get some more. The ones I have I bought at Cabela's. I will pm you if I can get some more in.