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crickets for bluegill

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by catdaddy75, May 16, 2006.

  1. hey fella's was wonderin the best way to fish crickets for bluegill's.with float or to hook the know could you tell me uhhhhhhh everything.ive never fished em before,but this year cant seem to get the big ones to bite.figured id try something different.thank's in advance.

  2. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Don't know about panfish, but they sure work good for trout here in Michigan.

  3. i usually hookem starting at the chest down to the tip of the tail. i think a bobber is best at desired depth. remember little ones lovem too.
  4. is how I do it with great success...a couple of options...option 1) 1/64 oz. jig head/hook, hook the cricket through the rear end and feed the hook all the way through the body until it comes out the head of the cricket. I use a small red/white round bobber in a fixed position on the line (4 lb. test). Adjust the bobber to meet the desired fishing depth. If fishing the beds it will not need to be too deep but make it deep enough to touch the bottom as it floats through the bedding area, allowing it to go from one bed to the next until you get a strike. option 2) small hook (I prefer a longer shank hook in the event they swallow it makes for easier hook removal), a small split shot weight about 6" above the hook, same rules apply for putting the cricket on the hook and bobber depth. Hope this helps...Good Luck!!! Have also had good luck with fishing tight line on the bottom with redworms...but for the best bite and most fish can't beat crickets!!!
  5. depends

    if your on the bank using float is best. from a boat small split shot 6 in above hook and tight line the bug your sense of feel and watching the line will improve catch rates. bobbers are too slow to react and hook sets are less reliable this will also make you a better worm(plastic) fisherman!
  6. For crickets I hook them threw the back and drop shot them from the side of the boat.
  7. I rarely even got one on the hook!!!! I would open up the tube to get one out and I would have 50 of them jumping up and down in the boat!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I couldnt help...:coco:
  8. keep them alive longer in the cage cut up a potato and put the slices in the cage. The crickets will get the moisture out of the potato and live longer...that is the ones that don't get away from you.
  9. Potatos and'll never catch a muskie that way:bonk:
  10. NOOOOOOO!!!!...not the dreaded MUSKIE!!!...STUPID FISH!!!!!
  11. Boilermakers make better lovers, and fisherman.......

    I don't think that the Musky's intelligence is in question...perhaps the fisherman? Notice it is singular, Rook. Us Boilers can catch fish.........:coolgleam
  12. Now is the time for crickets for gills and deep in 15 to 30 feet of water. What I do is just tight line no floats.
  13. Potatoes and Crickets??????? Do you fry them, sautee, etc.?????