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Crime Stoppers Crime of the week

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Before you try to steal a guy's deer stand you probably should look to see if he has a game tracking camera...:cheeky-sm
    Actual photo taken by a hunters camera caught more than deer moving around.. Was in Last Wednesday's Warsaw Times Union, Thanks to Craig for getting me the electronic copy!


    Fom the

    Crime of The Week

    November 14, 2005


    This week’s crime of the week comes from the files of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is requesting assistance in the identification of the two male subjects that were involved in a theft during the month of October, 2005.
    If you have any information concerning this crime call Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-342-STOP. Crime Stoppers will pay up to one thousand dollars if your information leads to an arrest or indictment. Crime Stoppers also pays cash rewards on other felony crimes and the capture of fugitives.

    When you call, you will be assigned a code number and we will not ask your name. Get involved; Crime Stoppers it works.
  2. I like that. This should be in the comedy section.

    Say CHEESE

  3. Man that really hits home. 2 seasons ago I had 2 hang-on stands with climbing sticks at J-P FWA. 1 was near a trail and, when I went back after the season, was stolen. Climbing stick & stand... gone. I had the stand locked to the tree so you know that someone found it then came back later with the tools and intent of cutting the chain/lock and stealing it. I try not to hold grudges against people but in the back of my mind I wouldn't have minded if that "person" fell while using it the next season... or at least I really hoped they got skunked every time they went out.

    I hope they catch these two. If this one was on private property then they could press charges for theft AND trespassing. What about hunter harassment? Too bad they can't be prosecuted simply for being morons!

    Phew, there, got that off my chest.
  4. The guy carrying the stand is looking right at the camera. If they were smart criminals they would have took that too. I hope they find those guys. their are alot of guys that go out and take peoples stands and most never get caught, but i think these 2 will, thats a good pic of em.
  5. I think that they should be on that TV show America's Dumbest Criminals.
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Bubba looks real dumb. It's good bad things happen to stupid people.
  7. The odd thing is in I know the guy who's stand was stolen, and when the pictures hit the local paper, a ton of people recognized these two, some family members were motivated to turn cousins "Cooter" and Bubba" in, cause that $1000.00 will sure help buy Christmas this year..:dizzy:

    Ain't it Great?
  8. Anyone who tresspasses my hunting woods and is caught carrying something of mine out will be dealing with a shot leg. I have always said if anything like that happens to me i'll shot them in the lower leg and then call the warden. Some people say that they would just call the police and have them removed from the property. Not me. At least im nice enough to shoot them in the leg, I know guys and hunt with guys that would take a lung shot over their tree stands and personal property.
  9. Shoot somebody over a tree stand? The thief will get out of jail long before you will...
  10. Update these guys have still not been caught.. They know who they are, and where they were staying but they have gone into hiding, there is a felony warrant out for their arrest, so if you see them could be an extra $1000.00 for hunting and fishing gear in it for you...
  11. hickory nut i know the anger you would feel i would love to see these guys get stomped to the piont they could never have kids. but thatbeing said the court will have no mercy for your sentiments what so ever. i read an article a couple yrs. ago where this guy caught a man stealing a battery out of his vehicle for the 3rd time and he shot him. well guess what!!!! the courts awarded the guy who was shot $150,000. man the cops don't care, dnr doesn't care andthe courts don't care and i don't want my fate decided by a bunch of far left liberal old ladies. wear a hood get your buddies and bust their knee caps with a baseball bat and leave them to suffer.
  12. what?

    Glad to see they didn't get the camera, they either didn't see, hear it, or were too stupid to realize what it was in their haste. I'm betting on the latter. If I caught those dudes they would definately see a handgun held close to my side at a 45degree angle as I was calling CO, sheriff, as they were laying on the ground spread eagle. I do kinda like scrapewatcher's idea.

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  13. Update

    These geniuses were apprehended in Nappanee, approximately 8 miles from where they had stolen the stand. At first they denied it, then seeing their ugly mugs in the picture they decided it was best if they pled guilty (by reason of stupidity no doubt...)
  14. I guess they will be spending this deer season behind bars. LOL LOL LOL:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. I think it's great they got those guys !!