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Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by ice dude, May 7, 2005.

  1. went to see if the gills were on the beds yet and their not but they are in the shallow warm channels. we caught so many we lost count well over a hundred. we put them all back and we are gonna go back tomorrow with a couple of buddies and we hope to catch enough to keep them guys out of our freezer.i will report back tomorrow and let you all have an exact count.oh yea they were all in the 6-8" range.
  2. Good Deal! I'm going to try to go somewhere tomorrow night:)

  3. the gills are finally moving up on the beds. my dad and i caught 75 today. we put them all back. we even had a decent mess of crappie all in the 8-12 inch range, caught one over 2 pounds about 18". will go back out tomorrow for my grandpas b-day. a lot of people were gillin all around the east and north shores, there was a lot of fish to catch but you had to do alot of sorting. i took dad to my honey hole and we started catching the nice fat 8-10 inchers. oh yea bee moths and a #12 dragon fly nymph were good today.
  4. 18 inch crappie! Ice dude what size auger hole would you need to pull that guy up thru the ice?
  5. you could get thru an 8" hole if you squeeze it. i get 16" fish thru a 7" hole.
  6. ccavacini

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    Ice Dude, without giving up any secrets or honey holes:

    I have a friend whose parents are on Crooked Lake...he's been taking his kids out fishing and hasn't had much luck. I mentioned your post and all he could figure was it was the channel leading to the third basin.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    I have a place on Lake George and don't know Crooked very well.
  7. tell your friend to fish by the 4-H park/beach area, if that dont produce there are thousands of smaller gills in the northeast corner of the first basin. and dont worry those spots are not my honey hole and all i will say about that is it is also on the first basin. and your friend said some thing about the channel that goes into the third basin, if he wants to fish that area he needs to fish in the pads on the north side of that channel on the 2nd basin side. good luck to ya.
  8. ccavacini

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    Thanks, he's an assistant principal here at Homestead. I'm sure he'll appreciate your will his kids. He told me they caught a Walleye last weekend...didn't know Crooked had any.
  9. there are a lot of wally's in crooked. i'll mark and scan a lake map and try to put in my next post. so you can find the a little easier if youd like.
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    I think he just wants to get his kids into fishing; that's why he's trying to find the gills. I don't even think he's concerned about size, just numbers...they caught the walleye by mistake (isn't that usually the case?) But any information about Crooked, I'll pass along to him. Thanks
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    Thanks, Ice Dude

    Ice Dude,

    My buddy and his kids caught enough bluegill last weekend to keep them all happy...thanks for the info.
  12. hey man, any time you need help just ask, i allways give good info, no b.s. if ya know what i mean. i'm allways willing to help and as long as you can get kids to do something other than video games and cartoons all the time thats even better.