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Crossbow question

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by backstrap, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. This coming fall my buddy, his Pop, and I have a chance to bow hunt a piece of property around the Brookville area. "Pop" uses a crossbow here in Ohio, and I was wondering what is the law regaurding crossbow use in Indiana? Thanks!
  2. Only allowed in the late archery season. Careful about the topics you bring up on this page. You are liable to start a riot saying that one word "crossbow"

  3. Thanks for the info. Just a simple question that's all, not wanting to start a "riot" or anything. :hide:
  4. backstrap, i think he can use one in early season if he has a signed form from a doctor saying that is all he can use, then it is allowed in early archery season...provided of course it is a super tweeked out crossbow with all the bells and whistles.
  5. X-Bow

    Minimum 125 lb. pull crossbows are legal for late archery, and for handicapped (doctor certified unable to use regular archery equip.) hunters in the regular archery season. This is as of last year. I have not verified that there were no changes made in the legistative session or through the Administrative Code that would affect this.
  6. Backstrap (love the name by the way), unlike Ohio, crossbows in Indiana are a rather new topic. You'd have had to been on this website earlier last year to understand why these guys have mentioned "riot", etc. It's an inside joke of sorts. The "tricked out..." stuff is an inside joke as well.

    The people of the Indiana Deer Hunter's Assoc. aren't necessarily in favor of allowing crossbows in the regular archery season, mainly because of arguments started by people who don't know how to approach those in charge of the IDHA. And, some folks here have taken the "disabled" stuff, let's just the extreme. Then we've got pro-crossbow people trying like the devil to get them legalized. It wouldn't be such a big deal but some pro-crossbow people have made comments about crossbows being nothing less than modern compounds.

    Your pop may be able to use his crossbow here if he has a medical permit, but you probably should ask up front before assuming this. Come here and enjoy yourselves nonetheless.
  7. The word crossbow I like, reason being I am going to use one this year, due to not being able to pull back my compound. I got a paper from the doctor and just sent it in to see if I can hunt with a crossbow this year in bow season. I'm still trying to pull back my compound but when your out in the cold and snow I just can't do it.
  8. go for it 410 !!