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crossbred coyotes?

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by ddw, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. i've heard of coyotes crossing with dogs but do they ever crossbreed with foxes??? yesterday on the way home had one run across the road in front of me...had the typical dirty color of a coyote but was much smaller and had the white tipped tail of a red fox...just curious...probably just a cool yote but with the size and distinct tail thought i would ask.
  2. I've never heard of htem cross-breeding with foxes. Usually coyotes kill the foxes or run them off. Probably just a cool looking coyote with recessive genes.

  3. No way, I've heard having foxes is a good thing because that means you don't have that many coyotes. I've heard they will kill them or run them off too. I've also heard that a gray fox is a totally different animal then a red fox and that the two don't cross either.
  4. i had heard that too about coyotes killing fox was just i had never seen one with the classic white tipped thought i would ask...
  5. Just found a dead fox that yotes killed the other day. They just killed it to get rid of it. 4 yotes killed so far this year off the farm I hunt:)
  6. a grey fox is more of a woodland fox , deep forested areas, broken areas with thick cover mixed with forest land and i have seen them in trees that were leaning over. a red is more of an open country fox lota fields fencerows, broken brush country type fox where as a cyote can adapt to anything. i've never seen a grey here in in. do any of you ever see any grey's up north? i see red's around my place quite often. even their hides are different. a red fox hide is very thin and supple easy to work with. a greys is alot firmer and takes more work to soften it up.
  7. I've never seen a fox in the area I hunt in Orange County. But we have a ton of yotes and some wild dogs. I've even seen a pack of coyotes with a couple wild dogs in with them, we call them Kerr dogs.
  8. i've seen several grey fox and have even trapped one several years ago... i'm positive it was a coyote..scrapewatcher they are around...i live about 20 miles southeast of loogootee and have seen them there...they are more nocturnal and hang closer to cover than red's...
  9. when i was doing taxidermy i used to mount 10 to 15 greys a yr. they are a beautiful fox. i live in a lot of open country where i'm at, i think that's why i see reds.
  10. I saw a gray on my property in 1998, never seen any other fox of any kind. I have seen red fox in Allen county and it is very open there. The place where I take furs has both red and gray's hanging when I go there. I would say 4 reds to every 1 gray.