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Crown Hill Cemetary

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DocB, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. I was driving by Crown Hill last night when I saw 7 bucks standing in a field. I went home and grabbed my camcorder and got 20 minutes of footage of some awesome bucks. There was one buck that I guess would go 140 to 150. Another nice wide 8 pointer was already polished. In one frame I've got 2 smaller eight pointers playing around and sparring while the two big dudes are eating away. I had never been to Crown Hill before and I found out today that it is the 3rd largest cemetary in the US. It is 555 acres just minutes north of downtown Indy. I also found out the hard way that they close at 6pm. I was stuck inside until 9pm and they were not happy to let me out. Next time I'll be talking to IPD for criminal trespass. All told I probaly saw 20 bucks and another 30 does. It was awesome.
  2. There is a lot of history at that cemetery as well. I know they have bow hunted that property in the past. They are preparing to build some homes/condos on the north end of the cemetery, so there will be some changes up there. be carefull not to get locked in there anymore.

  3. I'm in

    I would like to know how to get in on an archery hunt there! I've heard that deer stay around there, never actually seen one.
  4. I went in through an open gate on the north end where they are doing that work. When I drove through, the trailers were all locked up and no one was around. I was only back there for 15 minutes tops. When I came back it was all locked up. I had to drive this rented PT Cruiser through a field to get to the main part of the cemetary. I'm really glad I didn't get arrested. I'm even happier I got those awesome bucks on film. I'll try to figure out how to get the video online for you guys to check it out.
  5. HuntIn,

    It would be awesome to get in on that. I probably wouldn't have a chance now. The biggest section of cover that I saw was on the north end where they are putting those condos in. Without that cover I imagine they'll have to cull the herd. I saw at least 50 deer in a short amount of time. So you know there's probably at least twice that many in there. And by "in there" I mean in there. The place has a high fence all the way around it and it's right in the middle of the city even if they could somehow get out. I wonder if they make tombstone camo in a scent lok?
  6. yeah ive heard the fence is around that place because hunters are just dyin to get in there... :biggrin:
  7. LMAO. That's a good one!
  8. I bet that was something to see, would like to been there DocB
  9. Tonight I hooked my camcorder up to the TV and got a better look at them. The big one, as far as I can tell, is a 13 pointer. He's got a really cool looking kicker on the left side that is about 3 to 4 inches. The G2's are around 10 inches, maybe taller. I'm getting together with the guys on Sunday to shoot bows and I'll get a few more eyes on him to get a close score. I'm guessing at this point he's around 140. The other really nice one didn't have quite the mass but the inside spread is better and the tines were taller. He is very typical with very little deduction. If the bigger one was scored a typical there would be enough deduction that the too might score the same. Maturity wise, the big boy was just much taller and heavier looking. At one point in the video I've got five bucks in the same frame. The 2 big dudes and three small 8 pointers that have racks that I think are similar to the big guy. Due to the isolated nature of the place I would bet that the 3 would be the sons. I'm still looking for the cord to link my camcorder to the computer. I'll try to figure out a way you all can see it.
  10. The information I had from a few years back was the police officers from IPD and MCSD hunted that property exclusively. I have never had a conversation with anyone who actually hunted it, but I can make a few calls to my buddies at IPD and see what the possibility is for hunting that property.

    The fact that the gates are locked at a predetermined time would make it awfully hard to do an evening hunt and even harder to accomplish a morning hunt. It may be that the property is only good for a mid day hunt. I don't know.

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  12. Is'nt Crown Hill a fenced place?....If the deer got out where would they go?.....The Hood?....I thought you were against hunting high fence places?
  13. What is this other site I keep hearing about? I think we all basically agree that high fence hunting operations for profit are not the best thing in the world. A place like this though could get out of hand in hurry if the deer weren't culled periodically. It wouldn't be an ideal hunting situation seeing as the deer seem fairly use to people. But if they need to take a few to keep the deer healthy I sure wouldn't mind being the one to do it.
  14. Nobody on here will tell you. I asked this queston some time ago, and got the response-why go there? you have the best here. I bet you'll get a private message from cutnshoot telling you the sight address as I did. I understand he tries to recruit as many anti-obr's as possible. I visited there a couple of times for amusement, but I agree that this site is far superior.
  15. Crown Hill and a high fence


    You must not get up on the North side and surely not near Butler University. Crown hill indeed does have a high fenceit might be all of 8 feet. Now I'm sure you would not say a deer can not be contained inside of an 8 foot or less fence? Also the corner of the Cemetary that holds most if not all those deer is bordered by the art museum property(another place you probably have no interest in visiting) the white river, the Indianapolis water canal and many acres of woods and fields along the watershed.

    I have a question for you, how did the deer get their in the first place? Did the Cemetary purchase tame deer from a deer farmer? Or is it how you believe all wildlife inhabits an area........ "they just pop up outa da ground like mushrooms".

    And as far as the hunting in the cemetary, I guess you are saying the conservation officers of Indiana are hunting behind a high fence, shooting tame deer? Because that is who hunted there in the past......

    Got to love un informed