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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by mich buckmaster, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Looks like I just picked up 350Acres just South of Plymouth. Does anyone know anything about that area for Big Bucks. I dont have to pay to hunt it, but I am wondering if its really worth the drive. I KNOW IT IS, Im j/k. I am geeked to say the least. I guess its BIG farm country and BIG bucks.

    Does anyone have any info on this area??
  2. PM me a phone # if you want...........I may have the info you want

  3. Hey I could go over and scout it out for you. By the one I do OBR.
  4. This one buck rule has to be killer on this farm. They havent allowed any hunting for LOTS of years. They now said there ARE TOO many deer so they asked ME to hunt, I didnt have to ask them.
  5. Niles to the south side of Plymouth is an easy drive. Any area south and south-west of Plymouth is HOT. I have hunted down in that area for years. Always something happening there.
  6. Thanks Pigeon...the cat is out of the bag for sure now! :bash:

  7. seabee

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    I find it a little unusuall that they never let anyone hunt it for lots of years and now want the deer taken off the farm. They realy wouldnt have to look very far to get someone to hunt a 350 acre farm for them.....good luck man, sounds like a good thing!
  8. I was going to reply on this one, but figured I'd let Scarlet field this one.
  9. :yeahthat:
  10. I was a little taken back by the offer. This is area that doesnt ALLOW outsiders to hunt. This particular farm has just really NEVER wanted hunters and now they see the light. The said they dont get asked much either because it is in the BOONIES!!! I have hunted all over the country and prostaff for many companies, so this will have to be my little honey hole that NO ONE has to know about.

    Thanks for the input, it just keeps my hopes up.

  11. Little honey hole that no one will know about.:cwm27: Is there such a thing, anymore?:hide:
  12. There are NO deer in marshall county.....

    You might as well just give the hunting rights to me! ;)
  13. Whoever lives closer to the land gets it! Now then, what was that address again?:evilsmile
  14. Looks like I will be hunting for the first time in Indiana. The property is AWESOME and looks just like I expected. I had time to see it, but then had to get to the Huntin Time Expo in Grand Rapids MI, to run a booth there. To say the least I will be learning now the Indiana hunting side instead of Michigan.
  15. Welcome to the fold...Look forward to seeing what your first indiana season produces. GOOD LUCK