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curious deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by catdaddy75, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. tonight when i was getting out of my stand i heard some branches crack so i flipped on my my surprise it was three does roughly 30 yards away.we just stared each other down for a few minutes,here's where it got weird,the longer i held the light the closer they came,finally at 20 yards i shut the light off,which i still dont know why,but they turned i flipped the light back on and they meandered on.never blew or flagged.wildest thing i have encountered in the woods.
  2. That sort of thing usually happens in turkey season. Sounds like some deer without much hunting pressure.

  3. Sometimes you just don't what they are going to do. One morning several years ago during firearms season I was walking out in an open field just after sunrise on a very overcast day and noticed a doe off at a good distance. I just continued to walk towards the woods and the next thing I know she is sprinting right towards me. I don't know if she couldn't make out what I was and was curious or if she thought I was another deer or what. Craziest thing I'd ever seen from a deer. She just kept coming at me and finally at about 20 yards she put the breaks on then took off in another direction. :coco:
  4. The same thing happened to me 3 years ago in a cut been field. It was after shooting hours but the moon was out. I started heading back to the truck when I noticed a deer about 200 yards away. Then it started running at me. I about chit my pants because I thought it was going to run me over. at about 10 yrds it bolted the other way then stopped and turned around. Then, Last year I had a doe chase a coyote right by my stand. I saw the doe come out of a tree line and look to her left. Then I saw the coyote come up over a hill in the field, and it was looking back at the doe. When the doe saw the dog it took off after it and started chasing it across the field right to me.
  5. seabee

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    Its trail cam season and they are simply excited about getting their picture taken.They cant wait for this time of year!