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about fly dunking for trout, steelhead and salmon in Indiana. Being a Michigan fly fishermen I have to admit I've never explored Indiana for these species. I know about the St. Joe fishery but was wondering if there are other opportunities down here.

Thanks and best of luck to
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Gunrod, in Michigan City there is Trail Creek, and then on further west there's Burns Ditch. I have seen flyfishemen on both.

I prefer to troll the big water, but I have a couple of friends who fly fish both tribs mentioned above.

Tight Lines!

Sounds interesting. I have family in Michigan City. Might be time for a visit. ;)
Michigan City is a great place to fish, not only do you have trail creek, I usually fish Washington Park, across from the DNR station, at the old lighthouse museum. Caught my largest fish there 2 years ago, a 21 pound king. I've seen french poodles with smaller teeth than this fish, oh what memories! Great site guys!

Eat, sleep, fish!
the city is talking about putting a fence up on that side of the creek. some brain stem climbed up one of the light poles and broke it,fell in and drown. Now they think they need to protect everyone. I dont know how close to the edge they plan to put it,if there will be room to fish on the other side of the fence or if you will have to reach over the fence. Dumb idea.They still have the spot over by the DNR.
I was wondering if anyone ever catches small mouth that far up in the creek.

I don't know about smallies there, but there's an old guy who has an old aluminum smoker craft with a 6hp Johnson outboard who fishes from the DNR station to just north of the stack for Walleye.
Almost every time I go out he was there. And from what he said, while he doesn't limit out every day, he does catch some nice eyes, and an occasional Steelie, or King.

Billvet, I've caught smallies a little farther down the river along the nipsco pier and at the government pier. Never fished for them by the DNR station or millenium park. Jim
thanks guys. I have not fished Michigan City in about 25 years. I drag my boat all over the plase to Hayward Wisc,Tenn,Michigan ,Patoka and Monroe lakes.

I decided this year I would fish here at home.I live about 2 miles from the ramp at Washington park and have never used it. I keep seeing posts from people comeing here from all over the plase.One of the enforsment dnr officers goes to our church. I asked him about fishing for smallmouth in the creek and he said they dont come very far.
Billvet, If you live in the city limits of Michigan City I think you can get a pass to launch for free at the port autrhority's ramp at trail creek marina off of Michigan Blvd. The ramp at washington park is badly silted in with only one ramp open. I live in the county and buy a yearly ramp pass for one hundred dollars. If you don't have a pass it costs 10 bucks to launch if someone is there to collect. Call the Michigan City port authority for more details. If you haven't fished Michigan City for twenty years or more you are in for some pleasant surprises. Jim ;)
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