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currency exchange

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by mississinewa, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. An Asian man walks into a currency exchange in Chicago. He exchanges an amount of Yen for Dollars and leaves with about 50 dollars in his wallet.

    Two days later he walks in to the same exchange and presents the same amount of Yen. He receives only 45 dollars this time.

    "Why not as much today?" the asian man asks.

    "Fluctuations" is the employees answer.

    The Asian angrily storms out of the exchange, but a moment after exiting, opens the door, pops his head in, and gives the teller the bird while screaming "Fluctu Americans too!" :bonk: :bouncy:
  2. Good one,'s this? "Fluctu Dean Weimer!" :lol:

  3. Now now, James...he may have expected that type of comment from me.
  4. James your a good boy. please don't go low as someone we know.