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  1. Just want some opinions on what a guy should charge to plant some food plots. Some local hunters that don't have the equiptment approached me about planting food plots for them. I kinda have a good idea about my input costs on fuel,seed,fertilizer etc. I don't want to overcharge anyone so what would you guys feel is a resonable price to charge per acre.
  2. If it were me, after all my costs are covered, i would want about 50 bucks an hour. I dont know what equipment you have, so i dont know how long it would take to do an acre, but from the time i step out of my truck to the time i leave, i would want that to make it worth my while...but thats just me..

  3. Sounds good to me Trent..:evilsmile .......... How many food plots were you wanting me to plant for you???????? :yikes:

  4. Luckily for me, I have a few impliments!! :biggrin:
  5. Well, if they are your friends, $50 an hour PROFIT is likely to end that situation.
    If they are people you don't want hunting anymore, $50 an hour sounds just about right.
  6. I won't go out and plant 1 acre. They are going have to make it worth my time to travel there. I was afraid 50 bucks an hour would be too much. They are pretty good guys and good hunters. They don't have the time or recources to do it own thier own. Probably around 90 bucks an acre would give me a little profit.
  7. Poundsy, I'll do some research and get back to you on this. Give me some time......
  8. Your county extension office might be able to give you an answer to that. Surely someone has done a survey or study on what farmers spend per acre to put in their crops.
  9. Food plots are bait stations!!!!!
  10. But they are legal bait stations!
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    It all depends on what the current conditions are of the soil, have the plots been planted in the years prior, Here is where i see the problem, you plant a plot because they dont have the equipment to do so, plots need maintenance. They will be calling you when the nice clover plot is nothing but a field of milkweed. Here is how i would do it if it was me, they provide everything for the plot itself (seed/fertilizer...etc..etc..) im guessing you have a small compact tractor of 40 hp or less your going to trailer in. it would be 1.00 a mile one way for delivery with a minimum of about 40 bucks. from there it would be about 50 bucks an hour for operator and equipment. that would cover your wages, fuel and equipment expenses. this is from a buisness standpoint, if they are friends its up to you..Even a 1 acre plot with compact equipment will take half a day to till, seed and cultivate.
  12. :yeahthat:
  13. We farm over a thousand acres so it won't be 40 h.p. tractor and I have a pretty good idea of input cost. I have to drive the equiptment there. I thought maybe someone else had done this and wanted to know what they charged. I can till and plant(hand spreader) 4 acres an hour. I can till it in about 10 minutes. My drive time is kinda figured in the 90 bucks an acre.
  14. When you own acreage that is farmed and you make $$ every year off of it sometimes a food plot keeps the deer off of your crops. If you hunt a reasonable distance from the plot then how can it be a bait station?
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    Sounds like your the expert then! you never gave me any equipment size or anything else. I was just coming from a standpoint that best described to me what situation you were in, its best to know all the details i guess....i figured if you farmed 1000 acres, you were not a part time farmer and would have an idea what it would take to get all your equipment to your site. 90 bucks an acre sounds pretty reasonable with large equipment then doesnt it?