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Dale Earnhardt Jr. NEWS....

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fish Hook, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    This Just in. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has decided to race for Michael Waltrip Racing next year.

    Apparently he wants sundays off.

  2. Sorry but Toyota don't want him they have enought trouble with MW now.
  4. watch how quickly i become a JR. fan if he starts racing with Smoke...
  5. Jr will end up with his dad's car owner
  6. Best news I have heard of yet!
  7. Satellite team with Hendrick. Hendrick cars, hendrick motors, his name. Just the way he wants it...

    How is hendrick doing this year anyway?
  8. I heard from people that read, along with heard from nascar scripts that JR and Truex Jr are leaving DEI to join the team of Gibbs Racing. JR will be driving for VISA as his main sponsor and I'm not sure what Truex will be. I just heard they will be partners with Smoke. What a team.
  9. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    I heard Nike has been chatting it up with Dale Jr. as well. That would be a cool sponsor.
  10. JR will never drive as good as daddy, JR has nothing but a name. This just me gang not trying to start a fight or nothing like that. I don't think JR is that good of a driver. SORRY again that just me, and I hope this don't hurt anyone feeling) That would be a good team him with smoke. There should be some go fights.
  11. I'm sure Tony would help him a bunch as a teammate, they are already friends. It would only make Junior that much better. I believe he has as much skill as his father had, just not that "have no friends, wreck everybody" attitude.
  12. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned


    1979-1986 Dale Earnhardt won 20 races.
    2000-2007 Dale Earnhardt Jr has won 17 races.

    Lets not forget the 22 Busch series wins and 2 championships.

    He is not just a name, hes a great driver.
  13. Let him prove it at this level. With the money he had to spend before the it became as popular as it is these days for cup guys to drive busch, an autistic monkey in a wheelchair could have beaten those guys. The busch series when he raced it was not much of a proving ground, and the history of guys who spend enough time there to win championships, then move up in recent history is not very encouraging. If you can drive, you get to cup at 18 or 20 (i.e. Kyle Busch) you won't wallow around the Busch series until you are 25 or daddy can build you a team.

    Jr. can drive, he is in the top half of the field, but he is not an "elite" driver. He can't think his way around a track like his pa could, like Jeffy can, like Tony can, like Mark can. He is a driver...not a racer...
  14. Blah, Blah, Blah ,Blah..............................................;)
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