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Dean and North American Whitetail

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by hunter7x, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. First off Dean, I enjoyed your article in NAW this month.

    Also is the gentleman you wrote about a member here ?
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  2. Are you speaking of Jack Keihn? If so, no, I don't think he is.....

    Oh, and BTW, Thanks 7x.......
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  3. I'm sorry I don't remember his name. There's a picture of him standing beside the mounted head of his buck you wrote about. Again, I'm sorry maybe you write so many articles you don't know what I'm talking about ?

    The reason I asked is I was going to make a comment that was in no way derogatory but I don't know anyone on here personally and I didn't want to offend anyone.

    But I was looking at that picture and reading the story. Vented rib pump shot gun and a very inexpensive plastic camo jacket. There's a guy who doesn't need every gadget on the market to get the job done. When so much of our sport is being commercialized and almost every article in that magazine had an "advertisement" within all the other success stories.

    I just thought it said something good about the hunter.
  4. O.K. yes, you meant Jack Keihn. Jack is a great guy who doesn't use all the "bells and whistles" in his hunting endeavors. Actually, the cheapy jacket you're referring to actually belongs to me. Jack is just a laid back guy who doesn't much care about all the fancy shmancy stuff. I like that about him...and Jack is a hell of a guy. He didn't have any camo on, so I offered him my rain jacket that just happened to be in my vehicle. He wore it without so much as even thinking about it.

    No offense taken by anyone...but don't call my jacket a cheapy all right (I'm jokin' here;) ). The truth is it IS a cheapy that I got at Wal Mart on clearance many moons ago. I've upgraded to a better rainsuit since, but still use this one on occasion for fishing, mushroomin', etc.

    Take care!!
  5. I'd have thought you could do better with that massive Gander discount you get!!:biggrin:
  6. oops !!

    Well... you got my point....:).
  7. I didn't work at Gander when I did Jack's article. And, if you must know, my rainsuit didn't come from there......:eek: .
  8. Dean is a great writer and a great friend. (How's that Dean. I will be down for my discount next week.) Get your pens ready I will have a great deer and a great story for you soon.)
  9. The pens are ready...and so am I...When is that free lunch at the O.K....Golden Corral??????

    Mooooooooo-ve on down to the Golden Corral folks. Bootwhip Bill Tucker is buying lunch for all cowpokes...Yeeeeeee Haaaaawwwww!!!!!!