Dean scores annual deer at Gander Mtn.

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by Terry N Lewis, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Noted outdoor writer Dean Weimer scores a tropy buck from Jennings County. Thanks again guys I had to get help from Brew to get the photo on here.

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  2. Look at the movement on those hands, now thats the fast way to score

  3. fast hands ? Uh ..........never mind.
  4. fast...right...
    final score
    scott=1938 deer scored that day
  5. that is a very very nice shirt he has on though
    if you cant see it says BEARS BEARS BEARS BEARS BEARS all the way around the neck.

    GO BEARS!!!!
  6. I thought "The Flash" was dead...could it be?
  7. He had to move fast with all the Colts fans behind him.
  8. Hey gang give dean some credit he did show up and a lot of you guys lost the bet.
  9. we all loved dean till he BACKSTADDED us last night in the chatroom haha

  10. Yeah, fast hands like O.J. Simpson...if you know what I mean.......
  11. Great buck! Who's deer? What was the score?