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Dean Weimer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hoyt_Rocks, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. I have had the recent opportunity to read some Articles Dean has wrote in the past with various magazines including Indiana Game and Fish. Lets face it folks......this guy has some talent!!! I tried to think about a way to help him get his name recognized a little faster than the conventional methods of just creating networks, PR, and other usually difficult and long road avenues. I think to the majority of us he would be a great Alli to have spreading the word about important topics such as OBR, QDM and other related subjects. I have posted the email address of Gordon Whittington outdoor writer for NAW. I email Gordon from time to time about important topics I would like answered. He always responds. How about taking the time to email him a recommendation for Dean (If you so desire) and explain how Dean has shed light on certain topics that we may not have been clear on in the past or just how much you enjoy reading his articles. I usually do not go to such great links in order to help just anyone!! I enjoy his insight on topics and the articles he writes. Why not try and help him along????
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  2. I agree with you Hoyt, Dean does a lot more and knows than people give him credit. I myself think Dean is a great writer and a great person who knows deer and hunting. We need writers like Dean to promote Indiana and one the best ways is articles in hunting & fishing magazines, talking to him in person or even the emails he posts on this website, so the rest of Indiana and all over can see what's going on in our state. I went to the talk that Charles J. Alsheimer put on in Warsaw last night, ate a great meal and Dean was at our table and enjoyed talking to him and I sat with him, Scott and Big John at the program. Think about it one of these days Dean may be calling you to do a article on you and your dream. Thinks Dean and keep up the good work.

  3. Dangit!!! I hate to admit but you guys are right. I've read Dean's articles before I knew what a Dean Weimer was...always enjoyed them. Now that I've put a person with the name and articles it makes them that much more enjoyable to read. Dean deserves a shot at the "big time", whatever that is in the outdoor writing ranks...and I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting on that phone call for the story!!!

  4. Wish we had name tags or something. I was at the dinner in Warsaw last night as well, was a nice evening. Wish I knew who was who there, feel like a missed opprotunity to get a chance to meet some of you folks.

    I agree Deans articals are well done, but do we want to say that publicly and chance his head swelling more? (just busting your chops Dean!)
  5. Also got a chance to meet Dean last night and was good to see the crew from this site there at Charles presentation. I think it's evident from the words typed here and words published in other places...........

    ..............we have an advocate in Dean.

    I'll be sending an e-mail to Gordon also. We have to salvage this OBR one way or another.......and recommending advocates that are well versed for our goals such as Dean is just one way to do this.

    Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you guys last night.....just so many from my hometown that I was connecting with at the meeting. We'll catch up with each other again sometime soon I'm sure.

    The highlight for the seminar last night for me was the copy of the fresh Rochster paper with those (2) 12 pointers locked up...........and they had the guys address on the picture of where these boys were found. I'd bet the paint on that guys door is wore off by the weekend from inquiries to hunt. :biggrin:
  6. DOWN WITH DEAN...Oh, wait a minute..we're praising him not bashing him? Okay, great articles, Deano!
  7. I heard he was looking at new JOB offer...HEAD COACH at IU.:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  8. SWEEEEET!!!!!...He can start wearing that new hat Tilesetter gave to him.
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Yes, he does have a gift.
  10. Quail.....dancer???????

    Damnit Quail, I almost asked if you were there while we were eating. Don't be so bashful buddy!!!!

    I was the obnoxious one (imagine that) with the John Deere hat on!!! Which one were you, who were you sitting with????
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  11. BREWER!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Boiler, and you won't change that. I think they should keep Mike Davis, personally!!!!!
  12. Crying again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    O.K. men...I'm too humble to let things go to my head , so don't ever worry about that. I started doing this three years ago, not really expecting it to go anywhere. I have to say this while everyone is reading it. A couple years ago I was struggling to find my niche in this world. I began to pray and asked the Good Lord to help me find what it was that I was supposed to do. The next thing you know..things just started to fall in my lap. This is true.

    I've never really ever considered myself "talented"...although I am a master at hackling my friends. No modesty there, I am AWESOME at busting peoples' chops. And, if you haven't noticed, I LOVE to make people laugh, because I personally love to laugh and have fun. Many people have told me I have "a gift", but I haven't really understood that until just recently. Writing has always come easy for me, so I guess I kinda take it for granted that it is "talent". If you really knew me, aside from all of the psycho-babble that I throw at everyone on this web site, you'd know that I am extremely humble and am modest by nature. I don't crave to be in any spotlight, or anything like that. Personally, I'd rather see your pictures (except you......Randall!!!) in magazines than my own. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the importance of getting my mug out there, but I don't feed off of anything like that. I AM one handsome devil though. Just ask my MOM!!!!! Ahh yes, Good Ol Mom. They'd lie for you anytime.....

    I appreciate the KUDOS about myself and my writings. I'm just poor white trash (Cary, I know you know better, but these other guys don't...YET!!) who loves deer hunting.

    For those of you who want to e-mail Gordon, that's fine, but know that I am already in the "loop" at North American Whitetail magazine. I know Gordon fairly well, and am currently working with Duncan Dobie (new editor of the magazine) on some upcoming articles. I appreciate all of your support. You guys are great. And, now I'm crying again. Luckily, I have tissues here...actually, I made them myself!!!!!!!!:cwm27:

    O.k. Men, now stop it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. If you really want to help me, send:money, money, money, beer, money, beer, money, hookers (just kiddin'), beer ,money...for hookers!!!!!:coco:
    P.S.S. Mr. Gordon Whittington recently e-mailed me and said that he'd go on record in support of the OBR in Indiana. Feel free to get ahold of him, but remember, he is very busy and may not get back to you right away!!!!!
  13. I highly recommend that you go ice fishing this weekend Coach.......:cheeky-sm
  14. You mean the Red, White, and BROWN hat???????
  15. I wish I could, Deano.