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Dean's Dumpster

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. This thread is being setup for you to respond to whenever you have the urge to trash Dean. It seems most of the threads on this forum, no matter how good the intentions are when they start out, end up being "all about Dean". Keep the threads "Dean Free" and trash him here if you must!!! :bash: :banghead3 :bonk: :bash:
  2. My kind of thread!!!!

    Bring it on People!!!!!!! I'll take your best shots!!!:cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm

    Ya bunch 'a lilly white, candy ass, no-talent, wanna be hunters and fisherman, without a prayer in Dallas, sis boys!!!!!!!:bonk::chicken: :dizzy:

  3. It is hard to bash Dean, he is always right!:lol: :yikes:

    Obviously, I hope everyone realizes that was said with a LARGE amout of sarcasim! Sorry Dean, didn't mean to get your hopes up!

  4. Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful!!!!!!!:cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm
  5. How true Josh, how true indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm
  6. Dean,

    I think you need to read a little farther in messages to find their true and truthful content!
  7. I may have to get my typing fingers all rested up and come back to this one!!!
  8. Oh, yes, Oh yes indeed!!!!

    Josh, I'm read selective. You know how in, for example, Playboy, you only look at what you want....It's kinda like that.

    You rest those little Quail fingers up Birdman....Bring your best shot. I got your ski bunny right here!!!!
  9. If beautiful is a cross between Rob Reiner and an amish retard...well then you are damn beautiful.
  10. Oh snap!!!
  11. Oh yeah!!!!??????


    Yes, but my buck is still bigger than yours Bo!!!!!!!:chicken:
  12. At least you can say you have one thing bigger.
  13. Bull-cephus!!

    Well, you know the other part, but I can't say on here..........:cheeky-sm
  14. Is this anything like dumpster diving?
    Can we catch anything by being here? I'm not real sure just where Dean's been.
  15. [​IMG]That bunny has dean by his.....hat.