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Dean's Turkey Poll

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by QuailDancer, May 5, 2006.

  1. Our good buddy is in NY State chasing turkeys.

    Will he????

    1. Bag the elusive eastern turkey?

    2. Have a V.P. moment and shoot one of his hunting partners?

    3. Bag a turkey vulture by mistake?

    4. Ever stop talking about the trip once he returns?
  2. Due to the fact that Dean just jinxed himself on the Turkey Check-in thread, I vote that he will not bag a turkey, but he will be malled by a ferocious, rabid bobcat.

  3. my guess

    I guess he gets excited and blasts a hen that attacks his decoy, incurs a large fine, can't afford to come home, scuffles with the law and lands in jail where he learns what it feels like to be a hen.
  4. Dean & turkey

    Man you guys are harsh. I say he takes wrong ammo and never gets shot off.

  5. My vote

    I predict that Dean will get lost somewhere in the foothills of New York, meet up with a hermit woodsman named Cleat and end up in a “Deliverance” moment.

    They’ll eventually grow fond of each other and spend long summer evenings entertaining each other by singing a touchy duet of Moonlight In Vermont.
  6. In New York, he'll Run into Rip Vanwinkle and tap a nap and wake up in 20years..
  7. Ammo?? That would mean that he took some in the first place!:banghead3

    Check list:
    comb...not needed!:evilsmile
    hunting clothes...check
    turkey calls...check
    turkey decoys...check
  8. Dean in New York

    I predict Dean will see two BIG toms standing close to one another. He will get off a shot, but he will miscalculate the distance and kill two birds. He will be ticketed/fined but bring home two birds and an empty wallet.:bonk:
  9. deans trip

    i predict deans brother dan will get one and dean will come home talking about all the deer he seen, and some plan to go hunt them this fall im sure he will meet somebody out there because you know how shy he is !!!!!!!!
  10. Now that sounds like a likely outcome!
  11. Ah, yes, without "friends" like you guys...who needs an enema????

    NO Turkeys yet...although Dr. Dan almost sealed the deal this A.M.

    Brought right ammo..thanks to Dr. Dan...

    Had "Sweet Baby Ray's" fine rib dinner last night..I thank you!

    I'll have you know Birdbrain's that we already had the "Deliverance" talk yesterday. No, "Broke Butt Mountain" here, people. But, I am taking up banjo lessons..../???

    Yes, Mike, I've been invited to come deer hunt too......(tisk, tisk!!)

    Furthermore.....F Y G!!!!!!!
  12. Well I seen Dean's post NO TURKEY YET. I believe he will fall into Bush's trap and George will him a job with a title something like this Dean's Bush Turkey or Head of the Washington's Turkey Club. Sorry dean
  13. Turkey Talk!

    Howdy all. Turkeys! Turkeys! Turkeys! (Yes, this means you...people!)

    Noone scored, but we saw a bunch this morning. Needless to say, I'm hooked on Turkey hunting now. Ray and I saw a bunch this morning, but none got close enough. Dan was covered up in birds too, but the same thing happened. The Toms weren't gobbling very much, and Dano had a few hens ruin his game plan on two separate occasions. Turkey hunting is very cool. I'm looking forward to learning more about it, etc. Man, those boogers have got some eyes!!!!!

    Hopefully I'll get to go here in Indiana before season ends. Dan and I might get to go out Wed. night.

    Just what I need, another obsession!!!!!!
  14. see !! i told you you would become a beard worshiper.
  15. Sorry to hear you did't get a bird Dean, but sounds like you had a good time none the less.