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deer cart

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by psychobubba, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. i just got this done a few days a go paint nice and dry what you guys think?it should save the back .


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  2. Cool,looks good, here is a pic of mine.[​IMG]

  3. good deal, hope you get to put it to use this year.
  4. Cool - looks like you better go into business! :)
  5. Nice cart brother has one he got from Rural King we used a couple of weekends ago to haul stands to the woods...a real back saver. Good luck with yours, next time we see it hopefully it will have blood on it. :biggrin:
  6. it was 2003 same year i bought my tree lounge out of Canada, Watson wheels i think
  7. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Very nice cart!
  8. Hey brother loaned me his deer cart the other day for when I found my deer. That thing was a lifesaver (backsaver really!) because I had to wheel 210 lbs. of dead weight to the truck about 300 yards away. If I would have had to drag the deer that far someone would have been dragging 240 lbs. of dead weight (ME!!!) to the ambulance. Deer cart...Don't leave home without it!!!
  9. up date to cart

    now has bike hooked to it (double bull blind , chair , shooting stix , back pack on it works great )
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  10. great job on the cart I can only imagine how many walleyes youll end up carrying in it, till deer season rolls back around
  11. If I saw that guy ridin' around my neighborhood, I'd call the cops!

  12. Hey Bubba, it reminds me of the people over in Asia that cart around on their bikes ,etc.

    Confuscious say....."Man, who make deer cart and affix to bike, most likely a psycho....."
  13. I bet that cart is full of lead he's taken off of car tires as he slowly rides by...all fodder for the melting pot. He need to get ready for the walleye season after all.
  14. [​IMG] more lead please:yikes: