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Deer carts

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DEC, May 30, 2007.

  1. OK, so here is my situation. Anymore, I use my ATV to get deer out of the woods. However, that is not an option when the corn is on. This year, my brother-in-law (the farmer) eliminated my access lane to my hunting ground. So, I have no way to get back to my hunting grounds with an ATV to get a deer out. Dragging a deer through the corn the entire way is not an option. We are talking a LONG ways and a good percentage of the farm that would be up hill. We are talking suicidal drag. So without the access lane, I'm kind of screwed so to speak.

    I was thinking about making my own cart, but honestly, I can't build one in my shop for what I can buy one for, so buying one is the easier and cheaper route.

    Anyone have any advise on a cart? It has to fit between the rows of corn. I need to measure the rows. Ideally, large diameter wheels would be great.

    What do some of you guys use?
  2. My advice...hunt a different woods....:evilsmile

  3. I use one of those cheap 4' plastic kids sleds...cost about 5-7 bucks. They pull fine out of the woods and out of the corn. Just wash off the blood when you're done using it, the kids will never be the wiser come winter.

    I hear Dean has folks that are in the know about winter activities, he could maybe give you more insight.
  4. i have one i bought from rural king with 20 inch wheels that works great but don't know if it would fit between corn rows.
  5. That's the one I was actually considering JL. I'll have to check it out next time I'm over. Looks like a lot of carrier for the money.

    The sled idea would work, but I'm telling you, it is a LONG drag and some of it is up some steep hills. I've got a sled and actually used it to drag that big doe I shot last December out of the neighbor's yard. Worked good behind my Deere lawn tractor.:biggrin: My daughter made me wash it off before I took her sledding a couple weeks later.

    Mudhole, your right. I should just hunt somewhere else, because there just are no big deer on my ground ... :rolleyes::biggrin::coco: ... on second thought ... I'll buy a carrier.
  6. To haul huge deer like this one out of the woods????!!!! :evilsmile


    How's about a Back Pack!!! :evilsmile :cwm27: :hide:

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  7. Nice one azzbag. You get the official Dick Award for the day.:nono:

    Honestly, I did carry her out over my shoulder. First deer I've ever had to do that with. But my oh my did she ever taste good. All in one sitting of course.:biggrin: Even came with milk on her lips.

    I'm going to crawl back under my rock now. No one nice to play with in this sand box today.:(
  8. Sorry but that is funny right there.

    Its a RONCO pocket deer.!!!
    I had too.
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    Obviously I'm going for Dick of the Year award.
  10. No, but the shoe polish used to cover them up gave the meat a bitter taste.:(

  11. and geek two lands a solid right hand...:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:the champ is staggered...good thing that deer is small enough to fit in his boxing trunks or he'd never get it outta the ring :evilsmile
  12. I new it was only a matter of minutes before smart azz #2 would show up. Welcome to the party Jonesy.
  13. more "mindless dribble" for ya Derek haha
  14. If you would have sat back near the tree and taken the photo she would have looked maybe like 115 or 120.