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Deer Contest (sign up!)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by seabee, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I was just wondering if we are going to get a contest started? I will give my ideas here. We can use this thread as the sign up thread. Sign up will begin now and will end midnight, saturday Sept. 23, at that time i will take all the names and put them in a hat and draw teams. The number of teams and team mates will depend on how many people sign up. Just remeber this is just for FUN!!!!. I would like to have at least 5 people per team and 4 to 5 teams. The more on a team the better because that decreases the chance of a one time surfer sighning up and never coming back. At the time the teams are posted you will have until midnight, wed. sept 27, to come up with a team name. Once the teams and names are decided we will need the help from someone with admin rights to make a sticky thread called (deer check in station). On that thread we will have the names of the teams and teammates with their score next to it, that will be updated once a week. This thread will need to be used for only posting your entrys to the contest, and nothing else. Anyone posting not in the contest, or posting anything other than an entry will need to be deleted as to not fill it up with useless chatter.


    1. You will be allowed 2 deer and 2 deer only, one doe and one buck.

    2. A doe will count as 5 points and a buck will count as 5 points plus you
    will get one point for each number of points he has that are over 1 inch.

    3. Once you enter a deer it is finall, for example.. you may not enter a larger
    one if you travel to another state.

    4. This contest is open to whitetail deer taken in any state with any legal
    5. entries will require a clear pic of the hunter and their deer with a clear
    piece of paper stating there screen name,team name and the date it was
    shot. If it is not clear it will not be accepted.

    Well these are my ideas, i will do what i can to help get it going but i dont have much power to keep it in order the way it needs to be. Lets give it a shot and se how it goes.
  2. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Souns like fun, sign me up!.....Seabee

  3. Deer Contest...


    Bud Fields
  4. good enough

    good idea, IN deer only, though. Wouldn't mind teaming up with Tree and Brew to show those Northerners how it is done.

  5. Put my name in the bucket seabee
  6. Put me in....................I would also suggest only Indiana Deer....:coolgleam
  7. I'm in.

    On another note
    How about we all meet mid state for muzzleloader shootoff.After the season of course.
    $30.00 entry fee, 1st gets 60% of the pot.Second gets 25% and 3rd gets 15%.
    Best 15 shots first round, drop 5 shots each round, Final round best 5 shots.
    Cash on arrival or no shoot.

    Last year they had it Cross Plains, officially that is. We would be a little less official but it may attract some others.

    We could all figure out the details on another thread if anyone is interested.
    Sorry Sea, I dont mean to get off topic but your thread has the wheels spinning,
  8. I'm in for the deer contest.

    I'm a no go on the muzzleloader shoot as I don't own a smoke pole.
  9. I'm in...Indiana only deer. You'll be able to tell those Indiana bucks...the ones with the massive freakin' racks!!!
  10. i'm in!! let's get it on. :biggrin:
  11. I'm in...but I'm not sure you want to restrict it to IN deer only...that leaves guys like Munsterlnder out. Just a thought.
  12. I am with James we have members on the site that is not in Indiana so what do we do with them, I think the deer in Indiana is just as big as the states around us. You could make it the deer must come from the state you live in. (This is for fun only so why not let everyone play). Also I think on the 5 points for does and 5 points for bucks and a point for each 1" is OK. Maybe we should had weight of the buck for a tie breaker. Just my thoughts and I will go with what ever one else thinks.
    Put my name in.
  13. I thought that I would allow everyones confidence level to rise up a bit....but now....

    I'm In. Watch out fellas.
  14. im in , any whitetail deer any state ,break a tie by best photo picked by contestants its almost here lets get it on!!!!!!!