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I ran out of hunting spots so I decided to go to deer Creek wildlife Park I'm from vermilion county Indiana and I would like to go down there to deer Creek gun hunting for deer how does it this work I don't know or am I too late do I have to sign up also I would like to camp there until I shoot a deer or if I shoot a deer are there any log cabins there to rent or just camp the campground in a tent it doesn't matter to me any info of this would be really nice and my name is Tim Bartonsr
Hey, been there a few time fishing, mushroom hunting and rabbit hunting. For deer hunting it is a reserved hunt and you must put in for a draw, not sure if that has passed, i would guess yes. Here is what the DNR site reads.
  • Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) Deer:
    • Deer Creek and Fairbanks Landing FWAs will host reserved firearm hunts. Hunters can apply for the hunt date of Nov. 12-13 for either property. Additional hunt dates of Nov. 14-15 and Nov. 16-19 are available for Deer Creek FWA. Drawn hunters may bring one additional hunting partner with them.
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