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deer decoys

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by indylandon, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Went and got we some Renzos buck and doe decoys today. I had to work and I'm glad I did with the wind. I'll probably use them tomorrow evening. Any pointers?
  2. Indy, I really like the Renzos, they're easy to use. Biggest pointer, keep them close to your stand, well inside your shooting range, 15-20 yards out at best.
    I've added a white rag for a "tail", spray them down with scent killer. If you keep the decoy's facing away from your stand, you have a better chance at a deer walking up to the decoy and giving you a broadside shot.

    I have still have standing corn where I'm hunting (doubt it will come out now until the ground is frozen) and for that reason have not brought mine out yet. I do think they work best when visable from long range.

  3. I had 2 bucks come into my Renzo buck last evening. Worked like a magnet. Each time, they circled down wind offering me a nice 10 yard quartering away shot. Too bad, both bucks were young ones.
  4. I too had a small 6 point come in to check the Renzo buck decoy yesterday. And as DEC said, they will more than likely circle down wind to check things out.

    Try to place the decoy so it is not "looking" at your stand. I usually point the rump towards my location. I also like to stand it near a sappling or some type of brushy vegetation if possible. Just breaks up the two dimensional outline a bit more and peaks the curiosity of the deer. That 6 pt yesterday morning was within 20 yards of it for probably 15 minutes offering several shot opportunities.
  5. I'm going out tonight and trying the decoys. I'll let you know what I see and if they worked. I'm setting up on the corner of a been field with a funnel across the field about 75 yrds and another one behind my stand. Anything walking through should see them. Wish me luck and thanks for the tips.
  6. Here's how I like to set up my decoys. First you need visibility. If you set a decoy in a tight area, then you will likely scare a deer when they happen upon the decoy.

    For a single buck decoy, I take the decoy and set it out about 30 yards from me, up wind of me, and facing me. Bucks will often approach another buck head on, circling down wind of the other buck. I always use a buck scent with a decoy as a confidence factor. What will happen, typically, is that a buck will come in from either down wind or across the wind and circle out in front of the decoy at 10 to 15 yards as he sizes his opponent up. This will give you a 15 to 20 yard broadside or quartering shot.

    For a single doe decoy, I take the decoy and set it about 25 yards or so from the stand, again up wind, but this time facing away. Again, I use a doe scent. The reasoning is that bucks will often approach a doe from downwind to their back side. I set the doe decoy a little closer to me than a buck decoy, as bucks won't tend to shy away from a doe as much as another buck. This should give a 15 to 20 yard chip shot at the buck.

    My favorite set is a buck and a bedded doe. I take a Renzo buck decoy with the antlers cut off and stake it down with the feet folded up, so it looks like the doe is bedded. I point her away from me and up wind of me. Then I take the Renzo feeder doe decoy and take one of my cut off buck antlers and turn it into a buck. I put that "buck" about 5 yards from the doe down wind of the decoy 5 yards or so and slightly off to one side of her. This gives the appearance of a buck sniffing to check a hot doe. I also use the appropriate scents on the decoys. This set has been hot for me. I've had a bunch of bucks come charging into this set the past couple years. Last year, I had a 130's 8 pointer come charging in one evening. Hind sight, I should have shot him at 5 yards, but I elected to pass as I knew of a bigger buck in the area (my buddy arrowed the bigger one a few days later).

    In late December, I like to set up two or three Renzos as doe decoys in a group acting like they are feeding (two feeders and one with head up). This set is killer on does. I shot a pair of does last December with my muzzleloader on this set. I shot one and the other one just stayed there trying to figure out what happened. I reloaded and shot the other one.

  7. I remember seeing that pic on another site of my favorites.

    I'm going to have to try the "feeder" buck scent checking a bedded the sound of that set up!
  8. It is deadly, trust me.:coolgleam

    A good set to use in the next couple weeks.
  9. Once you cut the rack off the buck you just use dowel rods to "re-attach" them when you want? Or what have you used?

  10. To re-attach them to the upright decoy, you need to get some metal rods the same size as those used with the decoys. You should be able to find something that will work at TSC or Rural King or other hardware store. Coat hangers might work, but I've never checked the diameter. Cut the metal pieces 4"-5" long and use them to attach the antlers.

    As for putting an antler on the feeder, I just take the metal stake that would have been used for the front leg. I run it completely through the head, so the bottom sticks in the ground and the top sticks into the antler. Works like a charm.
  11. In the words of the two guys in the Guiness commercials....BRILLIANT!

    Thanks for the tip....

    PS - Coat hanger diameter is too small....already tried that one.;) I'll try TSC.
  12. Oh you want another DEADLY tip. Take the doe feeder decoy on a day that has just a hint of a breeze. Don't use the clear clip at the neck (the one that keeps the neck from moving). Then position the decoy such that the breeze just slightly begins moving the head back and forth. Add a piece of toilet paper to the tail area.

    The movement between the head and the tail is DEADLY. Does eat this up in late season.:biggrin:
  13. Well, just got back and I think it might have been a little to windy for the decoys. I did have a little fork horn and a big 8, 20+ in come out, but they couldn't see the decoys because of a hump in the field. That big 8 had a doe following him and when he came out to the field, he started making a scrape. Saw that same buck on last Wed and he came out in the same spot. Maybe next time.