Deer Everywhere!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. The deer in my area are on the move big time. I counted 60 in one field yesterday evening and 20 in another field. On down the road I saw 15 in a field and 10 in another field. This morning in several different fields I counted at least 25 all total. I didn't see any bones on any of them from what I could tell.
  2. I've been seeing the same numbers of deer going to and from work lately.

    Too bad the deer are in such decline, huh?:coco: Sure wish Indiana would turn this ugly trend around. Think there's any hope for us? There, I got all the doom and gloom out of the way.

    Bring on Oct. I'm ready!

  3. My son and I counted over 200 from North Webster to Warsaw Monday night. I went and put some feed piles out after work yesterday and bumped a fully racked buck....told myself still a few weeks away from dedicating time to shed hunting. It was nice to be in the woods though!
  4. It is ridiculous in the fields around here right now. Seems like every field both morning and evening is absolutely POLLUTED with deer right now. Deer everywhere.:coolgleam
  5. Wolf Lake to Warsaw last night, I had to see 100 deer. there were 4 groups over 20, and 6 more groups of 5-10. Deer in places I've never seen deer...

  6. Just filthy with deer in my area last night as well.
  7. Time to apply for Depredation Permits.... :evilsmile
  8. I was out by seelyville doing some shed hunting last night and it was the same thing Tree. Freak'in deer everywhere. Drove north to rosedale and got sick of seeing them to be honest. Is it october yet?
  9. No deer anywhere around my areas...............they are all dead.
  10. See what happens with food plots, I bet you over fed them....I had the same thing happen with some goldfish once.
  11. Randy, I'm gonna have to call your bluff on this one. Now, you and I both know that EHD ravaged your area of the state; and that there is no habitat that could support this many animals in one small area. Please, refrain from posting jibberish any longer; you're misleading Indiana's youth into actually believing you. What's gonna try and convince us that some real heavyweights come from your area as well??

    Aw, hell, let's see 'Ol Bruce again. It's been awhile. That arrogant know-it-all Brewer has taken away your thunder. Come on everyone, join in: Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sure, what the heck..................

    Brewce, Brewce, Brewce!!!!!
    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  13. Randy, due to the fact that you just started to re-like me again, I want you to know that I Dew not support Scarlet's bad mouthing of Bruce Springsteen (a.k.a The Boss). Bruce was the originator, the initiator, the instigator (oops, that is Dew's job).

    Come on Rand.....let's rekindle 'Ol Bruce's dignity.
  14. Whip out that Bruce for us once more!!!
  15. Be very,VERY, VERY, Careful smells like he wants something.:16suspect