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Deer Hunter's Do Have a Heart

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by treehugger, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Proof Deer Hunter's Do Have a Heart

    Mark and Kyle were archery hunting in rural Indiana on a high bluff adjacent to a rural Indiana highway. A nice 8 point buck worked his way towards Mark's stand and he drew back in anticipation of the shot. Suddenly a funeral procession started by on the road below. Mark letoff his bow and bowed his head in prayer. Kyle, setting in another stand a little further away, couldn't believe his eyes. The nice 8 point buck walked off and Mark didn't get a shot. Kyle climbed down and walked over to Mark's tree stand. He said, "That is the most noble thing I have ever seen anyone do." Mark replied, "Well, we were married for 25 years."
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