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Deer Hunting On TV

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I think some shows do not show what really goes on (i.e. Jimmy Houston), and I feel others are shows produced by real hunters who live and breathe deer hunting like us (i.e. Drury and Primos).

  2. i think some are. i've really wondered about a few. when a buck comes in they point and talk to the camera point at the deer even when it's right in front of them. i really can't believe a person can get away with that much movement and talking with wild free ranging deer. speaking of archery anyway. i think there's a big push for selling products to the point a few are all commercials. but saying that there's some of them i think are free chase that i enjoy. i do realize they get to go to the very best places in the u.s.
  3. I don't think all of them are phony, but I do believe more are phony than I had previously thought. With the release of the J. Houston/Bellar video it has made me more skeptical of many of the shows. I recently contacted one of the "outfitters" I saw on a televised Indiana hunt and questioned them regarding their operation. It was a fenced hunting area and of course it was not disclosed on the hunting show. ALL hunting and fishing shows are about selling products to their viewers. Some just do a better job of packaging their product and do it free range/fair chase which most of us can relate to.
  4. My dad use to say all that where men are pushing and throwing each other around in that ring is phony and so is the hunting on the TV. People will do anything for money. There is one place that is not phony and that is Heaven and a lot of the phonies will not be able to buy there way there.
  5. Yes And No

    By Phony Do You Mean Fake-if So, I Say No. Men Are Shooting Live Deer.

    Now, Do I Consider What Some Of The Shows Portrait As Hunting, Hunting, I Say No, To Me It Is Not Hunting. Nothing Aggrivates Me More That To Watch A Hunt At Some "texas Ranch". With The Hunter Sitting In A Huge Boxed In Blind, Hunting Over A Pile Of Corn, Or Feeder, Sticking His .300 Magnum Out The Sliding Window And Shooting A Deer At 100 Yds Or Less. Thats Not Hunting, That Is Waiting And Then Shooting. Little To No Skill Is Involved

    I Much Prefer To Watch The Shows Like Drury And Primos That Film From Treestands Exposed To The Elements On Property That Is Not Fenced And On Animals That Are Free Ranging. Now Thats Hunting.
  6. Yes I mean Fake. Yes they shoot reel deer and yes Jimmy H. shoots sick and tide up deer. But what I say is Phony is they know what going to happen before it happens. Just like in Old Westerns you know there is going to be a fight and you know that the bad guy is going to die. I called a couple of places and they tell you that if you want a big 8 or big 10 pointer or bigger they can set you (if you have the money.) They tell you what days to come where to sat and when the deer will be coming. To me thats not hunting. BUT THATS TV
  7. Look, I could get a 14pt buck if he stands under the feeder long enough. Anybody with a finger on his right hand and two arms could. I think the question of Are the conditions in which the animal is harvested are "real" or are these animals taken from a ranch or penned area. Personally I like the shows that are taped in what looks like wild conditions.
  8. You guys wanna watch a REAL HUNTER on Roger Raglin. That guy is probably one of the best hunters on the planet. Anyone that has watched him has to be a fan and anyone that hasnt seen him should go buy a DVD today. Roger Raglin has so much character that even if he doesnt get the buck, you still had fun watching him...the hunter.
  9. agree with bo

    I have to agree with Bo (wait, did I just do that?), Raglin is my fave. NAW is also good. Drury's and Primos are O.K. also, but you can't beat Roger's attitude and telling it like it is. Just seems he's more like the average hunter.

  10. Anybody know where and when this show is on :help: :help: :help: Like to check it out
  11. 100% Agree

    Raglin is one of the best when comes to bowunting. I would put him up their with the Wenzle brothers. I have watched many of his shows and have learned quiete a lot over the years. Another one to mention that I am sure everyone watches is Shockey!! What an awesome, awesome show. Thank you lord for the outdoor channel, mens channel and the OLN network! I am gonna go know before my wife pukes from reading this. It will bring back flashes of the fall that will put her in a bad mood for weeks!!!:help: :hide:
  12. anybody KNOW!!!
  13. Brew...get a VCR or a DVD player, a VCR is a box that sits on top of your TV. This will plug into your TV. Go get a Roger Raglin VCR tape. This is an item kinda like your 8track tape of Kenny Rogers, except it projects imiges onto the TV, seriously. You can do the same thing with a DVD, but you will need a DVD player. DVD's are like the Ernest Tubb and Hank Williams records but they will project an image to your TV as well, but they only play on one side. Good Luck Brew!!
  14. I know this is very old, but I need some answers if possible. I watch the Outdoor channel quite a bit, but I havent seen Roger Raglin either and would like to know when he is on. Also when you think guys move too much or talk too much when a deer is in sight on tv they usually don't. When in the stand they videotape just the deer that they see, and if they shoot a nice buck they go back the next or same day and tape more. They add in those little things like drawing the bow back, puting the release on the string, and talking to make it a better show. They try to make it look like they have multiple cameras when really none of that stuff actually happens during the actual hunt.