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Deer Minerals and Vitamins

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what others put out in the choice of minerals and vitamins for the up coming deer season.
    I just put out a couple more trophy rocks, I also put out Kelp Meal (sea weed, which has 62 different trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids) and some loose minerals that we make up use for our goats. I put out some Hi-Phos Dicalcium Phosphate for growing larger antlers.
    How about sharing some of your secret mixes that has help to make bigger and better bucks in your area. OBR WORKS
  2. Absolutely nothing. The area I hunt the deer feed off the corn, soybeans, etc. I have never put out any type of "antler steroids", food plots, mineral blocks, etc.

  3. Good for you tree!

    Nice to hear Bruce was steriod free...but it still leaves us questioning that little button buck on James back porch, or is that back pooch?!?
  4. cow minerals

    The deer on the big farm I hunt get into the cow mineral blocks at night. There isn't much need to provide them more. We have tried and it doesn't get touched that much by deer.
  5. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    get a trophy rock you can get them through cabela's. gives them all the mineals they need.
  6. I put out Flintstone for my deer. They love the sweet taste.......
  7. Assorted flavors I hope!
  8. They seem to prefer the Green Barneys.....
  9. I contacted Victor Conte to get my deer some of that "flaxseed oil" Barry Bonds was taking. That way, if I ever shoot a Booner and they do a steriod test on him, he will pass with flying colors.
  10. To be honest, John and I have tried several brands and they all seem to be consumed by deer on a fairly regular basis. We've tried Hunter's Specialties, two different kinds of blocks (in the late winter/early spring) and another brand I can't recall. When you do go to purchase some mineral/supplement. Always try to find one that has a 1:1, or 2:1 calcium to phosphorous ratio. No higher....

    Each season requires a little different blend. Imperial Whitetail makes these specialy blends for different seasons. A deer's digestive needs are different during different parts of the season, so the minerals are tailored as such.
  11. Dean,

    This may be a stupid question but why do you only want to buy a mineral supplement with that type of ratio?

    I understand what you are say in you last paragraph, but does the Ca:K ratio change along with the seasons as well?
  12. Baiting?

    I Am Assuming That You Are Not Putting Out Minerals On Property That You Are Hunting On, As You Know That Is Considered Baiting.
  13. Not in the offseason Brich. Minerals are perfectly legal to use long before the deer season comes. I think that they have to be removed around 10 days before deer season. Putting minerals out throught the antler growing months (April-Aug.) is totally legal. By Oct. the traces are gone......

    This does bring up a great point, however.
  14. What about the products like Deer Cocaine...the deer will come back to that spot and paw a 6ft. deep hole in the that baiting...hummm, is it???
  15. During deer season I'd say it definately is. I don't really know what the deer cocaine stuff is. I think it's crappy that Wal-Mart sells it during deer season in Indiana, but we've all seen it. Hunting over a mineral block during deer season is baiting also. That's why it's important to only use the minerals as that: a supplement in the offseason. Don't have them still in the woods during deer season...period. Nutrition isn't the bad thing that some people make it out to be....just be smart. No real hunter would hunt over a mineral block and feel right about it, but I'm sure there are some guys out there who would. I found a salt block out in one of my woods once and chucked it into an old pond. The only salt water pond that I know of in Indiana. Needless to say, I now lease that woods....